Tires 23x2.00 tires

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by buckeroo bob, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. buckeroo bob

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    Does anyone know where to get this size tire in the US? It's for an old Mobylette moped circa 1964.

  2. DougC

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    If you can fit 2.25's, then there's a cheap Cheng Shin tire that might do it:

    If not, I'd say to go forth and ask around on the various moped forums, like Moped Army and what have you. (You might ask there anyway, as there may be a specific reason it's best to use the original size tire)

    Good Luck!
  3. ihatemybike

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  4. buckeroo bob

    buckeroo bob New Member

    Tried them all, but no luck.

    Thanks for the tips, but the Chen Shin only went up to 17" diameter. The other sites had nothing either. Maybe with the resurgence of the mopeds, someone will make a vintage tire to fit. We can only hope.
  5. B.K. Hosken

    B.K. Hosken Member

    Check for motorcycle tires in that size.
  6. ocscully

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    You might have better luck finding a source by posting your question on the forums over at They seem to be one of the better forums dealing with all things moped

  7. ihatemybike

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    Think I found something that will work for you.

    The 23 in your tire size most likely refers to the inflated diameter, similar to the way bike tire sizes are designated. Current motorcycle/scooters give the rim size, tire width, and aspect ratio. I think you might have 18" rims

    These tires are a little fat, but might work.

    Just an example, I've run 16" moped tires on 20" BMX rims.
  8. Drunkskunk

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    the 16" to 20" motorcycle to bike tire thing works because the rims are 405 and 406 milimeters. I forget which is which. American Bikes measure the inflated size, Motorcycles measure the rim size, and the french had there own system that i fail to understand. Lucky my Peugeo 103 was sold as a motorbike, so it uses motorcycle standards and 17 inch rims. your Mobylette i think was sold as a bike with Motor, and the rims could be based on bike sizes. Crazy French. is the first place to ask. Sheldenbrown's website explains the sizing some
  9. buckeroo bob

    buckeroo bob New Member

    Those French folks

    Thanks for the insight into French thinking. I'll plug that into my way of searching for tires.