240 Plus miles on a bike

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  1. "We take the sweat out of biking" ©

    We ride our bikes everywhere and every chance we get. Our bikes are not only fun they are functional. Never have to worry about the gas prices around here we just breeze by the long gas lines :grin:

    Grocery shopping, post office you name it, even to the lake, and it was especially cool to go beach hopping down the coast on bikes. No parking issues and just zip on by traffic tie-ups and find all the coolest beach accesses that other wise would have not been seen.

    Was totally awesome trip! ride a while, then zoom right down to the beach, jump in the surf for a while, then back on bikes. Hungry ,No problem just stop at one of the beach side places and eat oysters and crab legs to your hearts content. Most fun I have had in a long time...

    Web site is under construction I will get it done asap. I have a rough draft up now to show some of our bikes so far. We ride every day. I have more photos of our trips that I am going to try to get posted on the site sometime in the next two weeks.


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    Your site is looking good so far. I like your saying "We take the sweat out of biking ©" I think this is one reason the spandex bikers dont like us.:grin: What coast line are you located by? Take care. terrence
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    a cool idea -------- wish you much luck

    where you all located ------------- have a lot of fun when you

    ride those things
  4. just a little trivia for you today lol
    Not too far from Elvis's ghost and even closer to Dolly :grin:

    ahhh just completed yet another mini ride out of town and back
    changed my seat after the florida trip

    its a fact the ride is all in the seat lol: grin:
    and yet I spend maybe 50 cents gas give or take for two of us maybe even a whole dollar
    and we made it back and come out ahead.... I won a cd player and he won a coupon for TGIF to go eat....so we are way ahead
    We went to a grand opening for a business way out in the country in another town. Still do not know who won the Titians tickets yet

    The Peddling Motors Team
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  6. ohhh I had no idea thanks for letting me know. Sorry took so long to get back on here I am also in anatomy and physiology 1 and holding lol
    The trip was taken during my fall break. Was a great break and stress releif from studing.

    Was not trying to promote never thought about it since most on here sell their parts and bikes anyway. Just thought best way to show what we do is to show the site and our photo is copyrighted. Will cover the site and leave copy right and take our site address down. Thanks for letting me know. working on it now. Happy Biking

  7. I can not find where to edit my post it will only let me edit the last post I made but not the old ones please advise
    thanks and happy biking