Sprockets 26t sprocket a big man's debate

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    im doing a choper build my HT i bought of e bay comes with a 44t sprocket its useley used on a 26" wheel the 20" weal of the WCC chopper provides increased gear ratio a difference of about 77% im wored of over reving the engen so i need to replace the 44t for a lower one for a 26" weal a 32t sprocket prvides a top end of about 40mph if i want to do this with a choper build i need a sprocket with 22t.
    the lowest a vender goes is 26.
    is that ok concreting im 270lb? (same weight scene high school for your haters) i dont ont to bog down the engen trying to git my fat *** up to 35mph
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  2. stick w/ the 26t w/ your weight. I'm 160 and I run between 18t and 24t on my bike w/ a 20" rim the 18 is flying fast once it gets going but bogs on hills and I have to spin my but off til I hit about 25 before the motor can start to pull. I have to hit about 20 w/ a 22t before it can pull. but it will hit way over 30 w/ it, closer to 45. You are adding a extra 100 pounds
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    rocking thanks
  4. Alan

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    I'm 170, and my 36T powered by a 70cc HT is ok, but a 26T sounds weak. You might be pedaling more than you are motoring.
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    I think it's a bad idea to cruise faster than 30 mph on chain driven motorized bicycles. Think about what might happen if the chain breaks, or pops off and gets wedged between the sprocket and the spokes/ :shock:
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    I best to not think about it...
  7. HI ,

    FWIW, a 27 or 28T on a 20" wheel provides about the same gearing as a 36T on a 26" wheel....I run a 36T in relatively hilly VA and I am thinking of gearing up some more (smaller rear sprocket)....Of course there is the weight difference that may have to be addressed...I weigh about 155 LBS....Not sure how much the extra weight will affect things...If I had an easy way of attaching my tractor suitcase weights to my bike I could try it but I don't think I can rig up my cheap racks to hold those weights.

    Hope this helps...

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    Where would one get such custom sprockets?
    I am making a 20" chopper and i need much smaller sprockets
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    I have a motorized bike and a moped.And I must disagree.You can pedal a moped.Albeit,not as efficiently.Mopeds=bikes with pedals scooters have no pedals.Just wanted to let you know.
  10. I know what will happen at 30mph if your chain breaks or gets stuck between the sprocket and frame, either the master link breaks and you hit the breaks and stop or you hit the brakes and stop.

    Just don't hit the kill switch and forget to pull in the clutch or over the handle bars you go,it didnt happen to me yet.
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    ummm, no!
    it will lock the rear wheel up so fast that you will not have time to react. 9 times out of 10, you'll go headfirst over the bars before you even have a chance to do anything.
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    A 20 inch wheel is about 23% smaller than a 26 inch wheel, not 77%.

    a 23% reduction, starting with a 44T sprocket, would be a sprocket with 34 Teeth.
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    How about another sprocket carrier? Does anyone sell one for non disc brake hubs. I have seen a few but they are out of stock.
  14. loquin

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    creative engineering makes a very nice clamp-on sprocket adapter.

    I've seen some on ebay (boygofast?)
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    I've had this discussion with others before just because I find the assertion silly. I don't do a huge amount of MBing, but I do huge amount of both bicycling (road and MTB) and motorcycling. If you lock your rear wheel it will skid but you still have steering control. The rear wheel only has about 25% of the braking capacity of the bike, If you go over the handlebars because your rear wheel locks up then either you're incredibly weak or you were sitting on the bars. For what it's worth, I surpass 50mph on my road bike coming down a causeway bridge about 3 times a week and the boogey man hasn't seen fit to show up yet. Does that mean I want to hit the concrete at 50? Of course not, but it also doesn't mean that my knards are going to shrivel up and fall off if I exceed X mph either. Keep your equipment in good shape, WEAR A HELMET, and ride it like you stole it!! If you ride 2 wheels long enough you are going to fall over, accept it, plan for it and get over it.