30cc engine swap!


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Mar 19, 2018
Of course I know that - The us electrical system can be anything you want... You want 1 KV in your house, just get a transformer from the scrap yard and plug it in.... Want 3 phase, built a rotary phase converter. Yes i like technology connections too, and saw that video like last 2 weeks when he released it.
In the my house, we have no 240 volt outlets as everything is gas, gas dryer, gas stove, gas heater, etc.....
And our panel is maxed so no way to add a 2 pole breaker...
Easier for me to tap into 2, 120 lines and call it a day.


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Jul 1, 2018
Why don't you "make" a 240 volt outlet? Just wire off 2 outlets bring the wire up the corner on the roof or the floor, and have an actual outlet. That would be the easiest thing.
I'm glad we don't have to fiddle around with stuff to have working electronics. lol