4 Stroke Motorized Bicycle bike Engine Kit 49cc MOTO


May 29, 2007
I recieved few answers from daoji888




That's great you selling them, but... they can't be use with 44t sprocket, they have mechanical problems due forces which will broke gearbox tooths.

Can you sell them with 56T or 48T free wheel sprockets?
Do you have to sell spare parts like keys, gearbox wheels (clutch etc.)?
You can't sell them with 44T sprockets becouse they are broke in moments - check out that on
Thx for answer,


Hi friend,
We know your problem.
The 44T sprockets can be fit the 4 Stroke engine in fact ,and the bike will more quick than 48T OR 56T.
We can give you some small proposals:
1.Ensure the gearbox sprocket and the rear sprocket in one line.
2.Adjust the length of the chain.
You can try.
we have the 56T and 46T sprockets,but not with freewheel.
we also have the key of you said.
if you need ,we can provide to you.

- daoji888

Dear daoji888,

Once again.
I found answer on some questions on your auction, but if I have right you shouldn't sell it in that configuration so tell me, please - Am I have a right?:

Are you selling 300225842202 - 4 Stroke Motorized Bicycle bike Engine Kit 49cc MOTO? - YES

Are you provide to that kit with "special HD axle kit with Free-wheel"? - YES

How many tooths have "special HD axle kit
with Freewheel"? - "44T sprocket"

Is that Kit can be provided with 44T sprocket without fear about future problems with it including broken key, broken gearbox wheels etc. - NO

Do You know that gearbox + 44T sprocket cause problems like described here (http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=11083)? - Probably Yes

Can You provide 48T or 56T free-wheel sprocket instead of 44T free-wheel sprocket included in KIT?

Can You respect warranty if gear box will we destruct by using 44T sprocket?

Can you provide free parts by warranty if gearbox or shaft will be broken or tooths striped?



- buyselleveryday
Hi friend,
We only have the 50T freewheel kit.
If you buy our products the parts can be free to you in one year.you only need pay shipping cost every time.
About you said the problem of use 44T mar gearbox,it is No basis.
As far as we know,if gearbox broken ,Mainly due to long time use,abrasion, Lack of lubrication and so on.

- daoji888

That's suit for me.
To resume: 4T engine kit + 50T freewheel sprocket for 200 pounds?
Is it JL Hoot KIT?
Did you saw photos of broken parts?

Could you provide spare parts which just to broke?
How much for spare gear wheels? How much for:
- clutch -price for piece?
- The clutch bell?
- key gear?
- each gear box wheel?

Could you make those parts hardened by 400 degrees baking?
What you think about "400 Celsius baking gear box parts" idea (described in http://motorbicycling.com/f4/any-suggestion-where-get-gears-863.html)?

Thanks for answers


Hi friend,
We see your gear wheels damage was very serious.
We suggest you can replace a new gearbox.
You can add 40 pound ,we provide a new gearbox to you.
you can choose According to your need.
About the 400 degrees baking,we think Not all the steel it applies to this way.

- daoji888

Hi again,
That wasn't my gearbox - that was pictures of broken gearboxes bought around by http://www.motoredbikes.com & http://motorbicycling.com members.

I would like to know how much for each part of gearbox.

To be honest - easier for you would be provide spare parts cheaper now than listen complains after and sending them free after that. That metal part are not just to be to strong. In that case those parts should be provided earlier because they are cheaper for you and most price of them are delivery charges.

So, please tell me - how much is your final price for Engine KIT (4 Stroke Motorized Bicycle bike Engine Kit 49cc MOTO)+ spare gearbox?

To be honest that quite a lot money and your product have high risk of breakage as well.

Thx for answers.

Dear buyselleveryday,

Hi friend,
The final price are 230 pound,the price include shiping cost.

- daoji888

4T engine KIT + 50T free-wheel could be reasonable.

However $80 for spare gearbox is little to much.

I could give them $440 for all.

They want $460 for 4T engine KIT + 50T free-wheel + spare gearbox.

Interesting how much for custom fees and taxes :)

If Grubee dealers don't move asses, that will be only alternative.

Looks like easier buy limo stretch frame and put dax titan behind.

How much now for DAX KIT without engine + UK delivery?
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That's most definitely the Hoot gearbox- when I hear from someone who has it and likes it, I'll let you know, but so far I have not heard anything good about it.

Good luck with the non-adjustable mounting plate. If it fits great- if not, well, like i said, good luck.

Let me be clear- that thing may work fine for some people, but I've been in this hobby for a while and I've heard plenty of complaints and no praise. If I heard good things, I would gladly pass them along.


May 29, 2007
You have right, but I don't want to wait 6 months for parts from Grubee.
Let say that could be resonable to buy everything with freewheel sprocket and spare parts for $440.

Where are our dream distributors with Grubee gearboxes and spare parts?:D


May 29, 2007
Hard to have eyes wide open when you ride 30 mph/h :cool:

I didn't bough it - I need to know possibilities first.

Could somebody make similar research with other resellers?

Irish John

It's hard to follow that dialogue because of the language difficulties but I do believe that the JL Hoot gearbox uses a much smaller sprocket than the Grubee because it is a different gear ratio. Therefor if you got a 56T sprocket with it you might find it quicker to walk on the flat. I think they mean it to come with the 44T.
The exhaust is a real ugly duckling and sticks out front for a long way before turning & twisting under the downtube. This is probably so that it will fit a greater range of bikes or it might be so the pedals don't hit it but I suspect it is probably because nobody has ever stood back and looked at it or noticed that it stands out like dogs balls. Chinese aesthetics, once the envy of the west, took a nose dive when Mao came on the scene and after 50 years of diving it takes a while to get back up again.


Right- the Hoot gearbox is a different ratio than the Grubee- it seems people are running a 44 with the Hoot without a problem (related to the sprocket size).


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Jul 7, 2008
my 4 stroke bike has the hoot gearbox and they sent a 50T with the kit. i didnt use the 50T but installed a 44 instead. it was too slow. it has a 36T now and seems better but still not very swift