40cc or 80cc?


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Jun 30, 2008
hey gang!
i'm totally new to the motorized bike scene, and i just ordered my first one. i have a choice between a 40cc or 80cc, and, naturally, because it sounds more powerful, i'm opting for the 80cc. like i said, i'm new to dealing with these lil' engines (actually any engine!:)), and i want to go for what's best for my bike and me.
have a great day!
sammy grey
hi sam;welcome. the 80 is a seventy. read a ton before you bolt it. the nuts and bolts are made of pot metal. replace all first. then you have to reassemble it, use loctite red and blue. dont tighten anything like youu would a honda or briggs. there is plenty of info on this. read a bunch in posts and use search, you will be ok. mitch
thanks, mitch!

i'm not doing the work myself, even though i'd love to learn. i just ordered a bike from spooky tooth, and it said that we had a choice between a 40cc and 80cc, so i guess i'll opt for the 80 (70?) are there any engine manuals you suggest i get as i begin learning more about the "nuts and bolts"? i may, on down the road, try to convert my other bicycle on my own, but that's a ways off, even though i'd like to find something to take my mind off work and other things. hmmm? :rolleyes:
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Hey sammy, I have the 49cc engine and my uncle has an 80, and to me (an untrained eye) I can't spot a large difference in size nor performance. My 49 goes 35 on flats and the 80 does about the same. Only slight difference is hill climbing. I decided to go with the 49 to obey local laws seeing as I already broke one by not having a license.
Good luck with your new bike
I found that the 50cc has all the power that I need. In fact, it has more power than I want; I don't need to take a bicycle at the speeds that this thing will give. I'm worried that the bike can't take it.

For that reason I wouldn't buy an 80cc at all. I'd recommend a scooter for anyone who wants to travel at those speeds.
Thanks, Jon and Bluegoatwoods

I've opted for the 80, even though I can't imagine that I'll ever go faster than 20 or 25 mph, but I'd rather have the extra power just in case I encounter a big hill or anything else that requires a little extra "oomph!" not to insinuate that the 40's and 50's wouldn't have plenty. :cool:
I should be getting my bike within the next two weeks. Can't wait!
Yahoo! :p
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can't wait!

thanks, andrew!
i'm super excited -- need to start shoppin' for a helmet. . . my bike is due to arrive this week or next = can't wait! :p
You'll find that the "80" (which is actually 67cc - I wish these vendors that continue to call them 80s would start representing them properly) will not offer appreciably greater speed, but better torque. If you're in a hilly area, you most likely made the better choice.
hi! well, i finally got my barebones from spooky tooth, and i'm in the process of putting her together. she's together, but i'm unsure about how to adjust the hand brake properly. there wasn't any manual, and i wasn't able to find one at the spooky tooth site. also, now that it's together, the back tire is locked up. i'm not sure what's going on. it looks like the motor chain has something to do with it. without a manual, i feel like i've been "riding" blind. if you know where the manual is at that site, can you let me know? also, how do you mix gas and oil properly? i'm sorry about these elementary questions, but i'm new to this; however, i'm very eager to learn!
thanks for reading!