48cc Skyhawk engine kit ( like new)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by erikvilla, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. erikvilla

    erikvilla Guest

    I am selling my skyhawk engine kit that
    I have bought from eBay early summer of this year.
    It is a complete kit. But I think the bushing at the top of the connection rod where piston rod goes threw will need to be replaced which is not hard to do. The engine works great! I used it all summer. But i'm going to move up to a real scooter/moped soon. PM me With an offer. I will include the new style locking clutch lever, some extra gaskets.

    The bushing for these engines are 6.95 shipped on Thatsdax.com

    Pm me...

    I will post pictures soon

  2. erikvilla

    erikvilla Guest

    Asking 115.00 Shipped or best offer...PM me
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  3. StarfighterX

    StarfighterX Guest

    Hey hows it going I was wondering if u still have that skyhack for sale if so email me at xreyes03@yahoo.com i'll be glad to take it off your hands for you

    thanx X
  4. erikvilla

    erikvilla Guest

  5. erikvilla

    erikvilla Guest

    Engine kit- SOLD !

    Check out my listing for parts. I have almost anything needed to fix you motor bike.

  6. any expansion chambers or carbs with the fuel mixture screws