66cc NT New Style Carb - How to adjust mixture?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by slaquers, May 13, 2010.

  1. slaquers

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    I have the 66cc NT New Style carb, I dont know how the lean or rich works but I am worried about running too lean. My motor only pulls with choke 75% on. How to see how I am running too lean, simply?

    If I am lean how do I fix on the new carbs?

  2. awc360

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    if the choke is 75% on then theres no flow at all... if you take the air filer off and look at it theres a hole on the choke to let minimal air through
  3. slaquers

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    I am a noob and have no idea what you said, I think its a air leak or something...I just want to make sure im not running lean, but have no simple way to do so...poor boy, borrowed tools...only a few wrenches here, RTV silicone, cardboard...a few extra gaskets...looking to get this right motor has 3mi on it.
  4. slaquers

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    Okay well I put silicone on the intake tube...like where carb attaches to the tube that connects to block...sorry I am a noob. I put RTV Silicone on it, waiting 15 mins then will test it. I might try WD40 trick to detect a leak. Once I fix this I will feel comfortable playing with mixture....once I figure out how.
  5. slaquers

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    runs great at choke off now, worried about lean though. Might move the clip. Keep everyone updated (I will).

  6. Most people put the clip on the notch second from the top.
  7. danlandberg

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    There is only two ways to adjust fuel to air mixture. Move the needle clip up (away from pointy end) and you get more air to fuel (lean). Move the clip down and you get more fuel to air (richer). The other thing you can do is re jet (smaller jet, is less fuel--larger jet is more fuel). Check your spark plug, white is lean, black & wet is rich. It should be tan to light brown & dry.