70mph is possible with a bear chasing you



about 3 years ago on a fishing trip ,black bear ate 99 percent of my seat on a rebel ,,the seat was only days old and what happen the guy that made the seat had put some type vegetable oil on seat to protect it ..and found out later that bears love vegetable oil , so when i came back up river and saw the bear chewing on my bike i thought it was wise to leave him my 3 fish and the bike i walked about a mile to get help ,,when i returned a hour later the bike was on its side ,the fish was gone and the seat had all but disappeared, quit a meal i must say 3 fish and a motorcycle seat

yesterday took my mb for its first 10 mile fishing trip about a mile down river from where the bear ate my seat 3 years ago ,, my mb may have 100 miles on it so i am still in break in mode so i generally drive it at 15 to 20 mph ,on the way back after catching 2 small fish (trout) the mb not even warm came around a sharp turn and there in the middle of the road a bear and a cub ,thats bad news ,by the time i got the bike stopped i was no more then 50 ft away ,

not sure who was going to move first to get out of the way but when he stood up on his back feet and made some kind of grrrr noise my only escape was my mb ,, the motor still running and wide open i made a u turn in the middle of the road and the chase was on ,,was i worried about break in mode at 15 or 20 mph ,NO. was i worried about the clutch burning out ,NO the motor screaming and me peddling i was only concern about how fast will this thing go ,because i know a bear can go at least 30 ,, surly i can go 31 mph

the road was old pavement all cracked so i had no time to look back to see if the bear was coming ,and that made things worst ,,so for about a mile down the road there was ever kind of a noise and vibration coming from my mb that i never heard before ,everything that was loose fell of including fishing rod ,tackle box worth more then the bike ,and again for the second time in 3 years the fish was gone ,,

when i got back home i call a farmer and told him i was out his way on a bicycle and was concerned about his kids because a bear and a cub was in his area , he told me he was out on his tractor when he saw me go by on a bicycle ,,and i" quote """ you must be in good shape i was sure you were doing 70 mph """what he don"t know i had a motor on my bicycle and a bear chasing me

did the mb save my life i don"t know but i know this was no place for a bicycle without a motor

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1:49 AM
Apr 27, 2007
Glad to hear your bike saved your life! Nothing like a mamma bear and her cub to get the blood flowing huh! I suppose your rings have seated LOL!


Ha ha I hope you dont mind my laughing but this was a great story! yes you want to get away from momma bear ASAP without the engine you may not have made it!

Jim H

Japat100, you made me laugh with that story... no one but us ( mb'rs) would be interested in a story like that, I wonder if our short stories couldn't be published and the proceeds used to finance that foundry idea Augi spoke of... not too far fetched really,


Tears from laughing ...

That reminds me of the old saw about the 2 guys running away from a bear when one complains loudly stating "We're doomed ! we can't outrun that bear ! And his buddy replies, "I don't have to outrun that bear, I just have to outrun YOU !!!


I have stood my ground with a few bears when I lived in Colorado I will tell ya thats the hardest thing to do to just STAND there.

But yeah tis creepy every time it happened but they don't usually do anything. Note: No cubs were involved in my encounters.


Sideshow ....

It might have been there alright, but that line is over 50 years old !


i think the story coulda have been better if he came upon those bears and DID NOT have an engine:p lol~! jk, sounds fun though;)