79cc Predator 4 stroke on Beach cruiser

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by ronphelps, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Nice job Ron, Is that a charger under your seat or do you just re-charge the battery after you ride?

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    P7080027.jpg P7080028.jpg I do recharge at this time, The box under seat is control panel to keep track of wires . Box behind seat is for battery and fuses. I have a charging system ready for the bike , it turns off the rear tire and recharges the battery. Not sure I will put on this bike as I don't ride it a lot but it's fun and gets a lot of commits. I also have a charge control unit for it to not overcharge the battery

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    Not to dig up an old as crap thread, but this is a damn beautiful bike. I want to do something similar, but with a fatter bike.

    Maybe hit up a walking dead theme (you know what I'm saying) and make it look nice, no ascetic value to find in my lovely 2 stroke but a 4 stroke can be fed great for looks.

    How much is really known about the predator? How easy are parts to come by?
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