A build for a Veteran - Thank you for your service

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    An old timer called up the other day and said that he had an old beach cruiser and wanted me to motorized it. He picked up a 80cc junker and between the two bikes I gave him this cruiser. It took me awhile to tune the old school head but it's pushing 39 MPH on photo radar with stock 44 tooth sprocket. I forgot to get better photos.

    PART_1432390705692_0520150815.jpg PART_1432390705692_0520150815(1).jpg PART_1432390765841_0520150809.jpg PART_1432516599063_0520151500.jpg

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    Thank you for your service

    Man, that bike came out so nice! Beautiful job...... and a very timely delivery to a veteran!

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    Nice work! All the red accents go with the bike really well!
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