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    Well, a few years ago I bought my first Recumbent Trike. A Sun EZ-3 USX HD Delta Trike. I ended up putting a 4 Stroke Honda GXH 50 with friction drive on it and it did great. Unfortunately, I had to leave my Trike behind for I have moved out of the USA to France. I am currently thinking of putting a Grubee 80cc (66cc) SkyHawk Bicycle Engine Kit on a 22" frame mountain bike. I am having to order from the States because I can,t find anything here in France. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to respond. There is a lot of good info on this board. Thanx for listening.


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    Stay away from HT ****. Stick to what you had before Honda or Hondas clones, or quality 2 strokes loke Mitsu or Tanaka.

    Unles you want to "play" with it most of the time instead of riding this thing.
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    Grubee's good

    I've had very good luck with grubee 66cc. Had motor on 2 different bikes. only replaced some hardware with stronger stuff. Frame mount bolts,and tank straps. But motor runs very well and reliable, i am going to buy another one for next build. But Honda is very well known and reliable also. http://s1019.photobucket.com/home/lazieboy1/index