About to build GEBE motorized recumbent

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    I am new to motorized bikes and recumbents. I want to put the GEBE system on a new bike I will buy, a suspended recumbent maybe from recumbentusa.com or actionbent. The one I am currently looking at is the Amigo http://recumbentusa.com/recumbentbike.html

    I thing the GEBE system will bolt on the rear axle without problem and can mount the stabilizing bar near to the shock drilling small holes if necessary.

    I will also put a trailer on it later, either the TW bents http://www.twbents.com.tw/HTM/convenience-i.htm or the hitch mounted Burley. http://www.burley.com/support/guides/09 Burley Hitch Guide.pdf

    I think the suspension is better if I plan to go 100 plus miles daily on bad potholed roads in South America. I could save $400 without the suspension though http://recumbentusa.com/rebiun20.html. I just don't know if I will need it but I think I will especially at speeds around 30mph

    Any advice?


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    Check out day6bicycles.com, out of Utah. $750 for a recumbent-lite. I've ridden one, nearly as comfortable, with some good features.


    Den at GEBE recommended steel, not aluminum frames, so my Sun was the $1,100 choice, windshield an extra $100, plus $80 for alloy rear wheel and new tubes.

    So a new recumbent, with derailleur warranty/adjusting at the bikeshop, was about $1,300, before the engine.
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    thanks but am interested in a recumbent, not crank forward. glad you enjoy it.
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    One of my bikes is a recumbent, I just can't get it moved out of "Traveling" section.


    I'd rec making sure the rear wheel is a 26", because 24" is a hassle to snap on.....

    *edit: sorry, wrong thread, (there is a new display option at the bottom of the screen, confounding me)....

    Here's the thread of the Sun EZ 24 build:


    *double edit: I put up your link so folks can click it. Somebody will kick in some advise, I've never done one like it. The wheels are like mine, except I put on fatter 2.25 tires.

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    Those 2 Oxford guys started with Jaguars, then went to the Day6.

    Instead of one upper stabilizing bar (provided by GEBE), they put two side stabilizers, one on each side.

    They drilled holes, about 3 inches above the frame-mounted bolts. (Frame mounting the kits is MBrecommended). Then they drilled a hole near they'd connect on the rear stay, near horizontally. (below the brake calipers).

    To secure bar to stays, they found this special "metal wrap, with threaded ends". I've seen them in plastic, like on some types of fence insulator, where 2 halves/threaded are pushed together and held by a nut.

    I believe they come in brass also.

    Don't have pix, but some expert will see my description and give it the proper names.

    I liked those side stablizers, they could be expanded, and they easily keep saddlebags from hitting the spokes.
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