Adding a Throttle to a Hilltopper ETrike.

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    So Clean Republics Hilltopper kit comes with a hub, battery pack, wiring and a little red button for a throttle. The problem I faced was several times that little red button stuck and one time almost got me into traffic and not in a safe sort of way. I had complained to CR about this being a safety hazard issue but it fell on deaf ears for profits. Nice huh. Anyhow, someone said you could modify it yourself as it is only two wires that require plugging in a twist throttle. Now mind you, the twist throttle doesn't yield variable speed as the controller on the HT kit is simply an on or off switch. The throttle acts the same way. Twist it up and yoiu start to go. Let it snap back and you slow. There is no variable speed on this like on other ebike kits. That in mind, I made the 19 dollar investment and received the package. So here it is, a quick and simple mod that makes riding a Hilltopper even better and of course much safer too.

    First you need a few things to get started.

    Electrical tape is mandatory.

    Then you will need these connectors both male and female.

    Next you will need a wire cutter and crimper.

    When you receive the throttle it is attached to a cable and plug. You should cut the plug off. The wires inside were red and white.

    On the Hilltopper throttle button you cut the wires at the button. The wire colors are red and black. Next splice the wire cover off as carefully as possible and twist the wire ends solid on each of the two separate wires on each cable.


    Next, take a connector respectively for each wire, two males and two females one on each end. The crimper is used to crimp the connector down on the wire. Red to red. What ever other colors such as black to white etc. Just make sure red goes to red between the Hilltopper wire and the new Throttle end wire. Individually wrap the two wires that are plugged together. The red and the other color separately of each other. Then when they are completely wrapped then wrap those wrappings together in a larger solid wrapping and that is it. Use electrical ties to finish securing the wiring to the main frame as in this photo that you see below.

    If you did the job right, mount and secure the throttle onto the handle bar until it looks like this.

    Once it is secured, go ahead and turn on the battery pack on switch and then give the throttle a twist. If all is well and the battery is known charged, the wheel should spin and you are good to go.

    Here is the link to the twist throttle you will need for the Hilltopper installed on your bike or trike. Good luck!

    This is the model you will need.
    Electricruz® 2 Wire Single Speed Twist Throttle with Matching Grips
    Heavy-duty on/off two wire twist throttle for electric scooters and bikes. Replaces and upgrades all 2-wire finger throttles, thumb throttles, and twist throttles. Includes matching long and short handlebar grips.
    Item # THR-E20