almost died today!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by linnix13, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    i was riping down a street at around 45kph and i like to rush up to stop lights and slam on the brakes, well it turnes out my throttle cable was frayed or something but it jammed in W.O.T and i pulled in the clutch(but then i cant use the front brakes) and the engine was just screaming! i hit the kill switch and swerved onto the sidewalk still doing around 40kph and onto a grass hill over the handlebars and into a muddy ditch. oh and this was a very busy intersection so i could not have ran the red. im ok and my bike seems ok but i need to get a new cable now. thank god i didnt blow the motor when i pulled the clutch in, ive never heard it rev that high before! any ways where can i get a new cable? its a powerking 80cc motor. can i get one at Canadian tire or home hardware or do i need to order it online. and why did the cable do that! it only had over 2000km on it. do i need to replace cables that often? well thanks and i hope i will be riding that thing again soon!

  2. arceeguy

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    Forget about the engine, glad you are okay!

    2000km on an engine is pretty good - but you should be inspecting cables, fasteners, etc. almost every time you ride for the day.

    IMO, you should slow down (to about 20 mph) - and get rid of that habit of braking at the last moment. (your stained shorts say so too!)

    When young adults like yourself get hurt because of excessive speed and "exuberant driving", it will just get Motorized Bikes banned for everyone.

    Be safe for your benefit, and the benefit of your fellow MB riders all over the world.

  3. Mountainman

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    yes -- good news -- you are alive and well

    now that you have had such an experience
    maybe you can share on the thread

    Safe Top Speed For A MB Is ???

    question -- what if you would have hit something hard at that speed ???

    ride the motor bike
  4. azbill

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    glad you're ok dude !!!
    slow down a bit tho :):):)
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Jesus, kid, glad you're okay.

    What have you learned today?

    NEVER rush up to stop lights and jam your brakes. Decelerate slowly, applying your brakes gradually.

    Kill switches are mandatory.

    Worry more about the name of your thread than blowing your engine.:whistling:
  6. linnix13

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    i did

    i already did. i said 35mph. oh and if i hit something at that speed i would be typing this with a straw in my mouth not my hands. and i am going to slow down earlier,its costing me alot in brake pads anyways. and motorized bikes are already banned i asked the police via an email with false info about who i was and were i lived of course. but i intend to slow it down. and im **** glad i bought the deluxe edition with the kill switch in the throttle!
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  7. robin bird

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    In the winter i had an experience i was wound out up to 45 mph and the chain flew off and wrapped around the rear spokes---was running studded tires--was like slaming on the brakes a lady almost hit me--now iam going slower !! just the odd quick speed burst
  8. linnix13

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    45mph! how? what engine did you have?
  9. Happy Valley

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    Glad you're okay and not the statistic that we all know will just a matter of time.
  10. linnix13

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    huh? thanks, i think?
  11. azbill

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    I believe he meant that he's glad you weren't the first to die on a motoredbike :)
  12. linnix13

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    but what did he mean a mater of time? does he think im guna kill myself within time. i asure you all im not trying nor going to ruin it by being a retard on my bike i just got a little "throttle happy" this peticulair day. its been -20 and snowing for the last 4 months so today was the first nice day! hehe my bad:sweatdrop:
  13. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, relax dude.

    What azbill said.
  14. linnix13

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    i am relaxed im just bummed i need to get more parts from my first good ride!
    i just got it going on a nice day and bam,i cant ride. but hey im still happy its ran 2000km without a hitch so its time for maintenance anyways.
  15. Mountainman

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    sounds like -- no added attention needed !!!

    sounds like -- no added attention needed !!!

    good thing that your little crash didn't bring the pooolice out for a look

    I have noticed that it's the simple events that sometimes bring them into my life !!!

    ride the motor bike
  16. Skyliner70cc

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    Glad to see if you are ok.

    If you have a HT engine, this should be an emergency that you should plan in advance in case if happens.

    Here are some suggestions if you find yourself in this situation.

    1. Pull clutch in. My clutch is set up on one of my bikes so I can pull clutch with two figners and use remaining fingers to pull front brakes.

    2. Press kill switch. Somethings this doesn't work.

    3. Rip spark plug wire off. This is what I've done in the past and it worked quite well.
  17. robin bird

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    45 kilometers per hour it should be--we older guys get mixed up because we started out with miles per hour !!
  18. robin bird

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    I was using 50cc 2 stroke-tuned muffler and big carb 44 tooth sprocket
  19. linnix13

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    haha thats what i thought. i was thinking 45 mph was ridiculous but ie seen guys with moped motors on bikes do that, its stupid though cause most bikes arnt made to go that fast!
  20. ENO

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    Linnix..Oh unsafe one.."Binary Thinking" is thinking in polar opposites and ignoring the middle ground..I think you might be that "middle ground"...Think about this "Most motorised bike accidents are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle"..You need to think about yourself more and stop being so binary or else you might be in "two parts" or "binary"... ride safe you are lucky you didnt draw the short "straw" this time..ENO (Down Under)