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    Well after getting rid of the Whizzers I've decided to get an electric bike. After looking at a number of them, I like the Pedego Electric Cruiser Bicycle the best. It's comfortable, looks very cool and have heard nothing but fantastic feedback on them. Going to upgrade with the Balloon Tires in Creme, the plush and soft leather seat and leather handlebar grips. Also upgrading to the 36 volt 15AH Battery instead of the 36 volt 10AH.
    Anyone on this site have on of them? If so, what do you think of them? Saw a few on craigslist up near Sacramento, both went for around $1,400 without the upgrades. Wished I had seen them before they sold.
    The charge rate is 4 hours for dead to full charge. Here's a picture of the color of the one I'm looking at:
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA

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  2. wheelbender6

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    That's nice the way they ran the power cables inside the frame.
    You may have to go to to find a review on a Pedego.
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    My Pedego arrived on Wednesday. Great packaging, all I had to do was attach the handlebars and the foot pedals, even the upgraded battery (15Ah) was charged. Took it out for about an hour that evening, what an amazing bike, especially since changing over from my Whizzers. Smooth, easy button 6 speed shifting, and the electric motor is noiseless and responsive. Yep, very happy with the bike and its super comfortable.
    Had it out today for a 3 hour ride (using pedals and electric) , battery light charge indicator was on red, but still had a charge which activated the motor. As heard from other owners, the kickstand is kinda jiggly and the front disk brake seems to work better then the rear disk, but no big problem.
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA
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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was curious if you still have your Pedego and, if so, after almost two years, how well do you like it now?

    (ETA: I just noticed that this member hasn't been active for two years. I don't think I'm going to get a response. Sorry. My bad.)
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    I think i spot this guy riding on El Camino?
    Very nice looking bike!
    Are you the guy with the dreds?
    I work at the locksmith shop you pass in Menlo Park.
    Nice ride!
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    Hello MBc Newbie, Yes, I still have the Pedego and am super satisfied with it! I even got a call a few days after purchasing the bike from the owner of Pedego. He called to ask how satisfied I was with the bike. Asked if I was glad I bought it and if it was everything the advertisements say about it! All yeses to his questions.
    I did mention I wished it had a speedometer. His reply....I get one out today for you, and a tee shirt too!
    Gave me his number and asked me to call him if I ever had any problems or possible improvements.
    Zero problems, great comfortable bike and it looks great! I wished I'd have gotten the step through model, which the seller suggested as with the battery behind the seat, it's kinda hard for an older guy (ME) to swing your leg over. But being old school I still look at step-thru's as women's bikes (NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT).
    Naturally I'm seeing more guys riding the step-thrus and I think I should have gotten one!
    The gearing when pedaling attains a nice range and when your tired, using the motor to get you home is super!
    I love it, glad I got rid of the Whizzers as this is simple, efficient, more excepted on bike paths and styling!
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA
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    Hi, no, don't have the dreds but I'm riding on El Camino all the time as I live in Redwood City so I ride down to Stanford and sometimes Sunnyvale!
    Robert Faust
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  8. Winslow

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    Thanks for the response! I've been doing some reading and they seem like nice ebikes.

    Being old school also (62) I still thought that a step-thru was a girl's bike.
  9. Winslow

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    BTW, did you get the cruiser? Or the commuter? 400W or 500W motor?
  10. RFaust

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    I went with the 36V 15Ah Battery instead of going with the 48V. The 48V probably would have been a good idea, but the cost was already hitting my allotted budget!
    I purchased my Pedego from Stan Kaplan after many questions which he had no problem with. If you'd like I can give you his email and number.
    When questioning about the stock battery or upgrading he mentioned I could purchase now or add in the future, an upgraded 36 Volt 15 Ah Battery. You can upgrade to the 36V 15 Ah battery from the base model 36V 10Ah battery for an additional $295 (price at time when I bought).
    Again, I'm happy with the Pedego, ride a few it times a week (retired, 62). The 36V is fine, but a 48V might have been finer?
    Robert Faust
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    My current pedal bike, as opposed to my motor bike, is a step-through. Yup, a girl's bike. I got it for my daughter. But she just didn't show enough interest and it was too nice to let it sit and get stiff. So I took it over.

    Yup, it's a girl's bike. And, as was said, there's nothing wrong with that. But I still feel a bit sheepish. I hope I get over that.

    'Cause I'm gonna keep on riding it. It's too nice not to.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like your pedego. It's a nice looking bike. I've always liked Redwood City and thereabouts. That was my county seat once upon a time. Lived in San Mateo about 30 yrs ago.

    You're livin' the dream, man!