AMF Roadmaster help - gas leaking out carb

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    So basically I received this AMF roadmaster from the 60s I believe? I cleaned the carb up. Previous owner said it wouldnt start up for him. After putting gas in and having the carb fully cleaned and soaked with carb cleaner, I found gas shooting out this hole then the engine was engaged onto the wheel. This has one of those friction drives where the motor is spun by the back wheel turning. If anyone has any idea what's up with this or why it would be shooting gas out of this hole please help me out. It doesn't look like it goes to anywhere else. There are no other open ports except that. Is the carb shot? :-/

    Here is a pic of the carb I found on ebay it's this little hole in the middle of the picture...$T2eC16V,!)sE9swmZwsPBQ2L,rdz!w~~60_57.JPG

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    that is an AMF from the late 70's to early 80's. That hole is your carburetor vent line. It is a possibility that your needle valve is stuck or that your float has a pin hole in it. A pin hole will allow fuel to fill the float which causes the needle value to open and the bowl fills with fuel and the fuel flows out of the carburetor vent line. You can find a manual here:

    You can remove the bowl and check the needle valve or check the float to see if it filled with fuel.

    You can find a rebuild kit on Ebay or buy a new carburetor, depending on your model whether it is a ZAMA or a Keihin or T.K.

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