antique bicycle/motorcycle motor G E Rounds plymouth mass

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  1. hugheseum

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    i recently landed this very early (1890s-1910 at a very great stretch) motor and im putting out all feelers on any information on the man and the motor "g e rounds"

    he was a bicycle builder and is recorded as having a bicycle shop up into 1922.......if so he lived a long life being in his 80s upon death in 1926

    heres pics of the motor,it is tiny and to emphasize it i put it next to a 12 harley motor,it is 4 stroke,it is also slightly crude.......but very awesome

    i mocked it up in an 1890s bicycle with large tubing for a visual.......any help greatly appreciated

    IMG_1043.jpg IMG_1045.jpg IMG_1064.jpg IMG_1066.jpg

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    I'm too jealous to think about what it is right
  3. hugheseum

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    IMG_1086.jpg IMG_1087.jpg IMG_1088.jpg IMG_1093.jpg IMG_1090.jpg IMG_1091.jpg IMG_1093.jpg

    dont be jealous,it wasnt cheap,heres some more info on my man g e.........
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    Pretty cool I learned something new about my town. His shop was located in a residential area now, however this town was speckled with businesses in residential areas until the 1950s when they zoned it. I'm going to check the newspaper and see if they have a photo archive (that one in the thread is still operating) a picture of the shop would be cool.
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    Oh that would really be sweet if you could dig for me........I have found that g e had a garage in 08 09 also in Plymouth but he seems to have jumped around the east coast........I still believe this motors origins are pre 1900 because of the construction

    i will post new pics and the little scraps of info I've come into since my last post........the bike is very close to rolling now

    as always thanks for any and all help
  7. hugheseum

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    somebody got a few rounds

    IMG_1419.jpg IMG_1482.jpg IMG_1485.jpg
  8. hugheseum

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    more parts

    IMG_1482.jpg IMG_1487.jpg IMG_1488.jpg IMG_1489.jpg IMG_1490.jpg
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    Looking forward to seeing a build with that engine.
  10. Mr.B.

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    Great project, thanks for sharing!

    Please tell us more about that sleeve...

    Did you roll it yourself?


  11. robin bird

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    Does your wife get mad at you for bringing the bike into the kitchen ?
    Wow a wonderful piece of history !!
  12. chainmaker

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    Seems there isn't any more info that can be found about the man or his works. I've been searching, and asking with no luck. I do now drive by the house where his shop was often and try to imagine the goings on back when GE was around. How's the bike coming along?
  13. hugheseum

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    wow,thanks for digging at all.........i havent had a chance to do much more to the g e project nor have i had a chance to dig further..........i have alot going on and im researching a few other early gents.........the g e is my personal project and these always seem to get back seat status.........the sheave was rolled out by a sweet chum of mine

    i build the kitchen counter bikes because my shops are actually consumed with other projects..........and yes momma would kick me in the berries with a pointy tipped boot if she was ever around and a bike was on the i get these rare times where mommas out doing something that i use to build a "kitchen" bike..........i should also mention i watch my boy when im doing these kitchen builds which is one of the other reasons they are kitchen builds......sometimes he helps

    heres another bike we just came into,i am assembling this for my number 1 chum........1903 E R thomas project

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    I think i will come to Oregon and start snouping, they are AWESOME.................Curt