motored bike fraud gives us a bad name in Wisconsin

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  1. Here is a craigslist ad I read today. $3600 for this?? Someone post the pictures. I did not have time. Everyone please write this clown like I have and let him know that it is wrong to try and to sell this " recreation" for $3600.
    Maybe he has a time share or 2 we can buy .

    Date: 2012-10-16, 12:37PM CDT

    UPDATED INFORMATION on the Differences Between a Motorbike (like this) and Motorcycle... Check out my other Vintage Era Antique eBay Posted Bikes Including my 1915 Flying Merkel and 1923 Harley Racer.

    Rare 1916 Two Stroke Indian BT Racer Recreation Motor Bike w/Racing Number

    - Less Than 1 Mile On It, and it Does Run (100+ MPG!)
    - Custom Metal Fabrication
    - Built in A Private Shop & Made in USA (Except 48cc Engine)
    - Not Sold in Stores/Mass Produced
    - 48cc Asian Engine (Anyone Can Fix It)
    - Speeds up to 29mph
    - Ready to Ride, or Keep As A Quality Show Piece
    - No Gas In Tank For Immediate Indoor Viewing/Storage
    - Pedal Start
    - WI Street Legal
    - Bicycle Laws Apply

    If you are a Business and would like a custom paint color, or your Business Name/Logo?Address on this, we can hand custom it to your needs. Put it in your Front Window; Hang on a Wall; Behind a Bar, or Put it in a Plastic/Glass Frame to Sit on your Floor, or Ride in Downtown for Free Advertisement for your Business... This Bike Fits in Anywhere and Surely Get People Talking About Motorcycles

    Asking $3600. Cash and Carry. Message me with any questions or if you would like to see it...


    This Historic Recreation Motorbike (aka Motorbicycle) was made to comply and straddle the Bicycle Law; Not the Department Of Transportation (DOT) Motorcycle Law. Their is a Huge Difference between them, so let me explain them to you so you understand...

    1 - Remember these Era Motorbikes were the Very First Motorbikes Ever Invented/Made! Anyone that only "Thinks" and "Compares" these to today's Huge Power Motorcycles are Not Honestly Appreciating their Historic Value they Represent from the Motorcycle's Birth; nor Caring of the Historic Grass Roots they represent. Motorbikes/Motorcycles have not always had 1200cc+ engine power as they do today...

    2 - This is Not a Motorcycle; But a Motorbicycle (aka Motorbike). Their were Bicycle Laws Before the Motorcycle Laws. In 1900, Joe Merkel from West Allis was the first WI company to put a Engine onto a Bicycle frame; hence, the Motorbike (aka Motorcycle) was born. The first Motorbicycles like this started going 10+ mph, and increased over the years.

    3 - A Bicycle with Foot Pedal Power, and have a Small Low Powered Engine attached (like this) IS A MOTORBIKE! Legally, they are Considered a Bicycle, so Bicycle Laws apply if they DO NOT go over 29mph. Any Motor Powered Vehicle that can go 30+mph are Considered a Motor Vehicle, so ALL DOT Laws Apply. Mopeds and Scooters Fall into the Motorcycle Laws Realm.

    4 - Any Motor Vehicle 30+mph is required to comply with all State & Federal DOT Laws - Period. Vehicles needs to be DOT Registered, License Plated, & Tagged; Rider must have a Valid MC Drivers License; Insurance; and the Vehicle needs to Comply with all DOT Motor Vehicle Laws. The DOT requires ton's of Road Safety Features on any Motor Vehicle it passes. Their are many DOT Safety Conditions on an Actual Motor Vehicle that it is Impracticable for most people to custom make one yourself.

    So this "Motorbike" is 100% Compliant with all WI Bicycle Laws; which anyone can ride. You DO NOT need a MC License, Registered, Plates, Tags, etc, to ride on the Street. Any Motorbike that breaks any Motorbike Law gets heavily fined for all the Motor Vehicle Laws broken.

    This Motorbike was Recreated to follow all the earliest Era Period Look and Bicycle Laws OF THE ORIGINAL DAYS, so it Passes Under all the Motor Vehicle Laws. Anyone that Truly appreciates the Historic Value and Significance of the Creation and Birth of today's MC, will Truly find this a Gem, and something you do not see everyday.

    Anyone that still has an opinion that this is "Cheap", well then, feel free to create and build your own MC. This Motorbike was created for people who Cherish and Appreciate the Invention Period for today's Motorcycle. Motorbikes/Motorcycles were not invented to immediately be as powerful, fast, and reliable like today. Anyone thinking they were built to today's standards, truly does not have a actual sense of the time period. To those, feel free to build your own High Powered Custom Motorcycle, but keep in mind, you will need to follow the 100's of DOT Safety Features on your bike, and go and get it certified.

    In short, I hope you see and understand the Huge Difference between a Motorbicycle (aka Motorbike) like this, and today's Motorcycle. For riding around town, this is perfect, and a great alternative to always having to drive a car. The engine is small and basic, so anyone can repair them themselves, so no worries about always having to bring it into a MC shop to get repaired. It also gets 100+ MPG so great on gas.

    Just like any new invention, all to often people lose their reality touch by removing themselves from that time period when a technology was created. Anyone remember the days before the cell phone? How about the Motor Car, color TV, computers, internet, etc... They all did not start off like we have them today, but over time, they got better and better. This Recreation Motorbike is just like those, and 100 years before today's High Powered Motorcycles. So just because it is not all powerful, does not mean this is "Cheap" or "Bogus." It was made as a tribute to the days of the birth of today's MC, and tries to bring back the feel and look of those first Motor Bicycles. It is a shame that some closed minded people feel that this has no value. Collector's love to find early and hard to find items they collect, so this Recreation Vintage Antique Motor Bicycle is gear for the Die Hard MC Collector; who will appreciate all the Craftsmanship and Look it represents.

    Message me with any questions.

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    The ad disappeared flagged for removal so I can't see the bike. Actually I don't have a problem with someone trying to sell something, if it's overpriced the market will sort that out. It's not up to me to tell someone how much they can charge or pay for something in a private sale. Caveat Emptor. I have more of a problem with someone disseminating bad or false legal advice however. That gives this sport far more of a bad name since a majority of states have implicit 50cc or less moped/motored bike laws on the books.
    BTW, That goes for online message forums as well.
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    Fraud??? LOL
    Hey, if you think it is overpriced don't buy it........

    There are bikes out there that have much more bang for the buck. will set you up with a real motorized bicycle
    for a few bucks more.

    Heavy duty and custom everything and you could ride it across the

    Come on out to the race this Saturday Oct 20th to check them out and
    maybe get a test ride.


    Not much of a comparison for what you get for your money.

  4. I have a problem with the ad

    I wish it had not been flagged. Almost the entire bike was Chinese parts. The only Made in USA parts (maybe) were the custom gas tank and the frame welding. The crank set, handle bars, forks , bearings , sprockets, chains, etc looked like a Chinese made huffy cranbrook.
    Yes , the market will determine a price for it, but I get annoyed by people attempting to profit under false pretenses.
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    The other pic is in the post above.

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    Is there any kit 100% american made? there all chinese. I know the bumblebeebolton's engine is from china but there steel brackets are bent and welded here in the state's and assembled. SO its 50% american made. lol
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    If someone did that in Florida,I would be crying all the way to the bank. I would list my bike near his for $2000.These bikes are the future,it just. Sad I don't have the income to stockpile them.Nuff Said.