Any One Ever Mounted an Old Whizzer Motor in a New Whizzer 26"frame?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by doc-detroit, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. doc-detroit

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    I have an old "J" model Whizzer motor and a new Whizzer 26" frame with fixed upper & lower motor mounts. I was told it was from 1991, but I can't be sure. Any one have experience in a build using a similiar combination of components?
    I'm looking for bits of advice & the pitfalls that only trying it will reveal. TX.
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  2. give me vtec

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    I dont think they made whizzers in 91...

    I do know that all whizzer motors have a defect from the factory that limits their durability.. does your engine run??? How complete is the bike, how much $$$ have you sunken into this project so far???

    If your engine doesn't run I cant image old whizzer parts can be easy to source as the new ones are difficult enough as stands now.

    You need to contact quenton, he knows far more than I can hope to about whizzers.
  3. doc-detroit

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    Thanks for the response. I'm not surprized I got the year wrong. I'm (to say the least) new at this and there are no markings on the frame at all and it is in primer & never been used. The only hint I have is that it looks like the frame illustrated in the new Whizzers parts page listed on the web.
    The motor runs and I got a minimum investment in the frame. I'm currently leaning towards finding an older Schwinn frame, but feel I need to educate myself a little more before making a jump.
    Tx again