Anyone order from BIKEMOTORPARTS.COM....

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    Friction drive roller mounting kit without the engine is $149.00
    All parts for their kit can be ordered individually with free shipping.
    Looks like quality parts and a good web site.

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    That looks like a nice kit, I really like the looks of the parts, all high quality. If that is what you are after-go for it! I would stick with a four stroke, instead of going with that Harbor freight 2 stroke.
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    Anyone order from Bike Motor Parts

    They are reviewed in the Vendor Reviews forum

    Bike Motor Parts no longer uses the 1/4" aluminum extrusion
    and uses a steel channel......

    i would consider getting the Staton friction drive with the Robin
    Subaru 35 cc for $399 shipped on ebay if that is the engine you want.

    Bike Motor Parts $174: the Robin Subaru 35 cc would be costing you $225

    I have a Staton kit and it is better quality wise than the BMP one

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