Anyone try these AUTES "chugus" spoke wheels?

So your saying all I'd have to do is bolt the 36 tooth sprocket where the 6 bolts are. So no need for a hub adapter? Or a rag joint?
GW, did you use the hub adapter on those? Is there such thing as a rim that would require no hub adapter or rag joint for the sprocket, cause if so that's what I need
You might have to order a new sprocket. The kit one (atleast for me) did not line up to the bolt holes on the rim. I ordered a 36t sprocket with the built in spacer. You will also need M5 by 30 - 35mm bolts. It's better if you measure what depth you will need first.
I clamp the disc to the sprocket and drill the six holes, I have a drill press.
I also bought a couple of 40 T that had the holes pre-drilled and they fit perfectly.

As GW said you need longer 5 mm bolts, get the best ones you can find as these six little bolts hold the show together.