Are These Wheels Any Good?

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  1. TNtraveler

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    Does anyone have any expierence with these wheels or this outfit? Will they hold up to a heavy weight with a motor?

    I was fixing my flat from last weekend and noticed a spoke broke and the rear wheel warped so I began looking around for something stronger.

    Also I found this device and was wondering in anyone has used it and what you think of it?

    Anyway hope I did those links right. I would appreciate any info on these wheels and the other device. Also and advice on what are the strongest most reliable wheels available would be helpful?


  2. loquin

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    First, the outfit. He's on his third different EBay account name.

    Second, the wheels. Those are built already, but, if you can find a good, heavy duty double-wall alloy wheel, like the Sun Mammoth BFR, you'll be VERY happy with 'em.
  3. moondog

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    3rd time is a charm ? Over 1300 feedbacks and 100% ! Wow ! He is on a roll !

    I don't like steel rims though. Check out your local bike shop for quality wheels. The price may be lower than $99 plus shipping.
  4. azbill

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    search revolution cycles here
    he isn't the best to do business with :(
  5. loquin

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    granted, the last year, he's had no reported issues, but, he apparently hasn't done that much business in the last year... Only about 200 of the 1300 are in the past year, so, there's 1100 that aren't reported in his rating.
  6. moondog

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    eBay has changed alot of rules. Sellers can't leave you a negative any more.

    Sellers could blackmail you into not leaving a negative.

    As for the wheels, I would go with this.

    Put it on a good wheel from the bicycle shop.

    Make sure the wheel has a solid axle.
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  7. TNtraveler

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    Thanks for the advice folks!
    I went by a bike shop yesterday and they were not much help. They didnt want to talk about parts only selling a new bike. When I told them I had a motor on my bike the kid said we cant help you. You would need a 6 or 8 gauge spoke for that. I asked what was the largest he had and he said 12 .

    Oh and I like that sprocket adapter I think I will order one if they are in my price range!

    Anyway does anyone know anything about these folks?


  8. possenti

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    100 bucks is a little pricey isn't it?
  9. that seller is a really shady guy
  10. loquin

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    Before you do, Tim, check out creative engineering. (edit - as moondog previously mentioned...)

    It looks like piratecycles is buying 'em from creative engineering. (He's definitely using creative engineering's photo!)
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