Mag Wheels

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I was being a smartass, no need to balance them? Did you make sure to use a good quality rim tape with those?
I don't see how you could balance them they aren't like a car tire. No rim weights. Solid spokes obviously can't be adjusted.
Could use balance beads right inside the tube lol. Might be useful if your going 70mph+. Anything under that and i think a 26"or bigger wheel and you're spinning slow enough to be pretty tolerant of imbalance.
On a 26" wheel after 45mph imbalance rears it's ugly head LOL.If it's bad the wheel will hop and adds load to the engine.I balance my wheels (mags) with the stick on weights cut thin and double sided servo tape with the backing left on against the tube or under the linner as well if possible.I had a video of a balanced rear on it's axle spinning for like 4-5 min,reminded me of a fidget spinner.
yeah you can balance any wheel. most don't then wonder why their bike vibrates above 40mph, blame it on engine or tires
I always wondered if the hub adapters are really balanced... :unsure:
i think i could use a magnet or two she gets a little wobbly at 50mph keeping up with traffic bet iitll do 60 i was at 52mph doing like 6-7k just crusin bikes loving trips around Tampa annd i get everyone staring like when these 3 black dudes on 250cc dirtbikes bout wrecked into each other when i flew by them doing 50 in a 30 one of them pulled down his riding mask as i went by shouting nice 2 stroke
For real man, try the beads. They go in the tube through the valve stem. No rim weights and they keep the tire balanced the entire life of the tire. You couldn't run slime though.
spoke weights are more common than tube beads
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