Best tires for mag wheels


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Feb 19, 2024
Shawnee, OK
I'm planning on putting 3 spoke mag wheels on a 26" hyper with the phantom 85.

DAMIEN uses 1.75" BELL tires that are $40 apiece

Is it worth spending $80 on a set of tires, or should i just purchase from a different brand for much cheaper? I would like thicker tires, Bikeberry says their 3 spoke Mag wheels are compatible with "26” x 1.5” – 26” x1.95” tires".

Is it possible to use thicker tires like 2.125"?
Will maxing out my tire width at 1.95" cause clearance issues with the chain(s) on the hyper?
Bikeberry says wheel is 26" x 1"
Oops My rim size terminology is off LOL

You know what I mean
26x 1.75" - 26 x 2.125 tire will fit on a wheel that is 26 x 1"

But a tire that is 26 x 2.125 will not fit on a bicycle that is made for 26 x 1.75 wheels Because of the frame dimensions

SO if your frame dimensions is made for a tire size that's 26 x 2.125 you can run that size tire on those 26 x 1" mags