Ashtabula forks and crank?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, May 13, 2007.

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    I know someone has this answer.

    Why are they called this? Where was the company that built them? Are they still in existance today?

    I live in Ashatbula county and know the city (Ashatabula) pretty well.

  2. JosephGarcia

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    That's a start Joe. Thanks.

    Now if I can just find an old timer who knows the exact location of the old factory.....
  4. saylor

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    Hi all -

    I know I'm new here and all to this forum, but the above post ^ from BMXMuseum,, that's MY hangout. . I'm a BMX type from way back....

    anyways -

    Ashtabula was on everything BITD, like that article said, Schwinns, Mongoose, + alot more bikes. I had some on a CYC Stormer, Roger D Coster, etc. They were like OEM parts I guess.

    That pic of the '77 Ashtabula bike in the museum - that's a pretty rare item. You used to be able to buy 'kits' - a bunch of parts pretty much, and take your bananna-seat Schwinn or whatever and upgrade it to a BMX ride. They maybe released a full bike at one point, but I only remember the kits, and single parts, and 'OEM' parts already on bikes.

    Hope that helps -
    - Saylor
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    Thanks! I'm finding more every day.

    I'm trying to find the exact location of the old factory for a bit of "urban exploration".
  6. SpeedyG

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    OK, this isn't my info so let's all give a moment of silent ethanks to Ryan Humphrey (especially Joe)...

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    Before I get quiet- I read that part.

    I know where Ashtabula is, and I know what it means. I also know that RT. 20 (Prospect) through Ashtabula is a long street with a lot of buildings on it.

    I'm trying to find an address or exact location to see if the building is still there.
  8. JosephGarcia

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    "Part of the Factory is still standing but much of it has been torn down. "

    Look for a building with that description then? I'm sure it would stand out somehow
  9. SpeedyG

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    Well... since you're a local then maybe the library has old phone books where you could glean that addy... for that matter, I'm positive there would be something at the library with the company's addy... I'm just not sure what that particular document might be. Maybe ask the person at the 'Reference Desk'.

    *Oh, I just realized that my above post was simply a regurgitation of the info from that first link... see what I miss when I don't click stuff?
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    That's half of Ashtabula! :lol:
  11. saylor

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    B J Baker Bicycle Sales & Services

    996 W Prospect Rd
    Ashtabula, OH 44004

    (440) 997-3486

    I bet they know ^^
  12. Guest

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    Thanks saylor, I'll have to ride up there. They'll call me a blaspheme, but I'll take the chance. :wink: