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  1. azbikelaw

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    hi there. I write a blog of general interest to Arizona cyclists.

    I found this forum because of some oddities in the laws for motorized bicycles, and especially oddities in its enforcement.

  2. lordoflightaz

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    Howdy and Welcome!

    The oddities are cause we are odd ducks, too smart not to have pedals too dumb to have turn signals.

    I read you blog post about running red lights. I guess I am just not in that much of a hurry, I usually go over and push the walk button if there is one around.
  3. azbikelaw

    azbikelaw New Member

    ah! but you defame me :)

    i would never run a red light. I said that at an INOPERATIVE signal, after making a complete stop, and after checking that it was safe to go; it is ok (not illegal) to go.
  4. lordoflightaz

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    Stopping and going is still "running" if it is red when John Law feels like it is.

    If it is inoperative we would also have to hope the red light cam is also inoperative, although with no license on the bike it would be pretty hard to get a ticket. There are a couple lights in the valley that take forever, even if you are in a car.

    Didn't mean to defame you.
  5. azbill

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    welcome ed :)
    I will send a copy of my decision when I can (pc crash)
  6. az cra-z

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    "Oddities in enforcement"??!!? I guess that's what we call "$^#@*$'in cops!!"