[B]My name is Motorbikemadman and I am a victim of motor mail theft ![/B]

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    My story began when I won an auction on eBAY for an 80cc kit from BGF. The kit that was sent to me had a 49cc motor in it. After I figured out it was the wrong motor I contacted BGF. Rick Shi emailed me back and asked me to send it back to him and he would send me the 80cc motor I was supposed to get, which I did. Unfortunately the engine I sent him back was stolen out of the package before it got there and replaced with an empty printer toner cartridge (I opted not to buy shipping insurance which would've protected me from something like this)!!!!! Rick told me this had never happened before. However I worked it out with Rick and sent him photos of the receipts showing the weight of the motor at 12.2 lbs. After talking to his manager they decided to send me the 80cc engine anyway. I have to pay the shipping for it but I think it is awesome they are doing that for me as a customer. I learned a valuable lesson about getting shipping insurance for items I ship. But it's pretty cool they are taking care of me.:grin5:

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    Wow, that's the first time I've heard of that happening. For anything of value I always send it insured, as I've had things arrive damaged. It's worth the peace of mind.
    It's also great to hear that BGF worked with you on this.
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    This thread has now got me concerned given that i'm awaiting delivery of a new all American built friction drive kit + Honda engine. The seller didn't offer insurance for shipping the item so i guess now the engine + kit is in the hands of the gods. Reason now for my concerns is on one occasion i won a camera type Canon powershot S5 on US ebay cost $90 + $30 International shipping. Alas insurance wasn't offered and after three weeks waiting for the camera to arrive i contacted the ebay seller who in turn emailed me too say that the camera had been already delivered and signed for, but as i hadn't received it the signature certainly wasn't mine. I then was told to contact the french postal service for further info about what happened to the item ofwhich i received a reply letter along with a photo copy of the item reception receipt with supposedly my signature on it. Needless to say it wasn't my signature thus i complained to our Postal Service ofwhich they told me that as the item has been declared delivered & signed for the matter is closed. I can only assume either the delivery person pocketed the camera for themselves or maybe delivered it to the wrong address, unfortunately to this very day some two years later i'll never know what happened thus also still being $120 out off pocket.

    I just hope the kit + engine i'm waiting for doesn't end up the same scenario especially because paying extra for insurance wasn't offered.

    If by some miracle i do receive the new kit in the next few days then i can atleast start building for a more improved MB later on replacing the friction for gear shift drive.

    Apologies for this long reply

    NB: I should point out that the period this item 'got' signed for was just one week before Christmas and was an intended present meant for our youngest grandaughter.
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    Yes, sadly we have all been victimized in one way or the other. However, I feel like BGF made things right. As I said I did not purchase insurance, so they could have told me to take a hike. They have sold like 13167 items and are a top rated seller on ebay. I can't really offer an opinion of what happened to people that have complained about them. But there has been enough "Bad Press" about them that I thought it might be a good thing to tell of something good that they have done. I feel like for me they did the right thing. Furthermore, I cannot wait to get my first project bike up and running so I can share it with you folks here.

    P.S. This is a great site by the way, I really dig the interaction of the forum...
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    did u get your motor?
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    I was on the Consumerist website and read about a man who bought a hard drive from Best Buy's online store, and picked it up locally. When he got home, he realized it had bathroom tiles.

    People are always pulling some sort of shady thing, it's a shame.