bad engine



wow i was wondering why my 48cc had like no push to it checked
gas mix good check bollts good carb good exhaust ahha loos but then ther was no diffrence well doing my front brakes this morning i had bad drag from the brake shoe

ok much better still the same well ummm looking and carb HOLY SNIZZEL
ther is a hole in my engine well roland said he will replace it for free and it only has like 15mil on it so its new but ther is my problem well off to the flemarket to demo it but no test rides sadly later
Chaos, You mean there was a hole in the jug,crank or head of your engine? Who's company is Rolands?
roland is from spooky tooth 10 points to azkronic and company is power king of cananda which is ruihong from china so ther you go buty the weld on the intake was over looked and dang it i forgot to take a pic but am being sent a new engine so thats cool
yeah he has been real good to me and even with a enginhe that i did not buy from him he sent me free piston rings to fix my engine now thats a plus