Phantom 85 won’t start


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Sep 2, 2023
Sioux City, Iowa
I was taking a test ride if the phantom the other day of a deltoro clone carb with a hose clamp and sock over it Becuase the stock air filter won’t fit and the bofang was acting weird any cutting out at full throttle and wouldn’t idle right so Anyway I put the clone on and got it started it I had a 69 jet in it (was looking for my stock 70 jet at the time) so it might have been a little lean compared to stock but I was riding along just fine it was four stroking just fine and reving just fine my throttle was being a little sticky though and I was riding down a flat and I disengaged my clutch to stop and it revved to the moon and then had some bad back fire and wouldn’t start up again and still won’t I’ve taken the intake off and checked the reeds they look fine it still has really good compression


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I’ve checked for air leaks but maybe taking off the jug and silicone the base gaskets might be worth something to do idk
Does anyone maybe think that the back fire blew my seals out my reeds looked fine I changed the spark plug as well with a fresh one