Best bike for a 4hp briggs build?

What about a klunker frame? I am in envy of the access americans have to them.

If not a flat bar klunker with some nice wide 70's style bars, why not a twin loop cruiser frame?

Nothing really compares to the wolf crestive customs twin downtube custom builds, but it takes some time to pull something like that off.

Why not go all out and buy a sportsman drop loop frame and get a motorcycle front end, like a showa 31mm fork set? It should fit some pretty big wheels.

I know my cb250 showa 31mm front end CAN fit an xl350 23" wheel and tyre in it. So why not an 18" spoked moped front wheel with a lovely street tyre? Or a 19" spoked wheel? Or even a 21"- i know all those size wheels can be purchased cheap from chinabay.

I have 2 3.5hp briggs single and just recieved a 13hp ohv briggs with a crankcase repair and the govener removed. So i have a lot of interest in anyone else doing the same thing.

With my briggs- I want to use all of them in projects, but let's just see me finish the next one first hey?
Ive got a handful of briggs engines ranging in hp and models from the 50s to the late 80s. I love flathead briggs engines and I snag any one I can cheaply. I bought 2 running 5hp specimens at a yardsale for 15 bucks, for both. The one I really wanna build a bike with is my 1970s 3hp. I wanna hop her up and clone a phatmoto on a steel frame.