Best bike?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by senorpyz, May 10, 2009.

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    You don't have your location on your profile, but if you put up the Craigslist bike links closest to you, where we could click and check out the offerings, betcha there would be a couple of good possibilities.....
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    If you're doing a commuter rather than a tinker toy purchase QUALITY. Buy it once and let it be reliable. Don't cheap out on something you depend on. Search around, and don't think reliability wont cost you at least $600 one way or another.
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    Get something descent 2nd hand & if u don't know how to test if it's good get a more knowledgeable mate to come with you.
  5. You may get lucky and find an old GT LTS bike.....A full Suspension mountain bike that will work with the center mount engine!....Scour eBay and Craigslist...they do come up every once in a blue moon....(I got lucky and nabbed 2!)

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    I have that GT LTS frame
    Do you have an engine mounted?

    how do you keep the chain on and keep it tensioned with the full suspension?
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    Shift Kit.
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    A schwinn jaguar is $129.00-149.00 at target. Brakes are decent, good chain clearence on left side, it's downfall is it's a mass produced schwinn and the quality isn't what they used to be. I've probably ridden about 400 miles on mine so far with no problems I should mention it's my second one because the first one had sprocket problems before I rode 100ft w/o a motor.
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    Craigslist can be a great source. If you really do some looking. The Portland, OR list right now has a Skykomish Marble Point (my bike) for $15 and a Jeep Mt Bike with front suspension for $30. Don't skip the ad's that just say "old bike". GL
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    I have a Schwinn point beach it's a great bike except the wheels and tires are carp !!
    So If you get a cheap bike you might have to buy new wheels, mine are almost shot after 8 months. and thats not commuting thats just fair weather crusing..
    I guess what Iam saying is that you get what you pay for !!!
    But also watch out becuse I have seen some $600 bikes that were pure carp also !!!
  11. get a scwhinn del mar cruiser from walmart for like $99
    the cruiser tires and springy seat are great and the bike is made out of steel.
    plenty of room for engine too.