Bicycle with motorized Side car

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  1. lazee

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    Hi Friends
    So far I can see all the members here appreciate the uncommon. I was asked by a friend to join the group and it is very hard to talk about such a crazy project to a unknown group of gear heads, as with most things this site will become a friendly place to be, I thank the administrator to have kept it going. will be posting picts and info as soon as I learn how. Sincerely, lazee

    ps what is a tag?

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  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Welcome, man!

    We have a LOT in common. You're old like me, you'll be talking about some weird project/idea to gearheads.

    I like you already!:bowdown:
  4. Stan4d

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    WELCOME!! I am very interested in your project. If it catches on we might need to make a new forum for it. Kinda like a pusher, cept on the side. I also like the subtlety* of it for those who need to do so.

    *yes I spell checked it......still seems wrong, hope the idea gets across.
  5. lazee

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    Hi Guys
    I would like to post a pcture to save me a thousand words,, i don't see how to put a picture on here. i can give you a link to youtube to let ya see what i have. lazee

    this clip when the thing was a couple days old
  6. Stan4d

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    Quoted you so that it would give a direct link.

    Posting Pictures contains info you are looking for.