Blow y U Out of Business

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Mike St, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Mike St

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    Is this true, Terry at Blow By U has called it quits. Found this in a posting. That's two gone, BMP and Blow By U.

  2. jander6442

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    can't say for sure, but I feel that the enthusiasm for our hobbie has been lacking lately.

    sorry if this was off topic. jander6442
  3. Happy Valley

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    It's too bad to see someone fail but I've seen more than two come and go over the years. Each had to have separate reasons for calling it quits of course, on a case by case basis, but overall it's a very small, niche market. BlowByU was selling pretty high end bikes that looked very nice, if you like that sort of thing, but a nagging question that always has to hover nearby an endeavor like that is why buy a motored bicycle that is in the same ball park price wise as a scooter or small motorcycle?

    I have two friends that own bicycle shops, they work real hard at it competing with the online stores, but there is a huge market for bicycles (compared to motored bikes) with 60 million people who use bicycles in the US according to the USBL. Also, the the bike shop guys thrive on the upper end market, customers who are willing to pay big prices for quality, state of the art equipment. Let's face it, much of the motored bike market buys low end bikes, looks to DIY as much as possible and not spend a lot of money.
  4. Mike St

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    I have an intuitive feeling that the largest part of the MB market is not in 49cc MB, with trannies and such but with 33cc and under, simple systems, 4 stroke, that can meet MB laws, travel no more than 20mph, and come in a kit at low cost. The GEBE system is such a system but far too expensive. There is a need for a low cost 22-33cc four stroke to make it happen, and right now none exists. I envision low cost motorized bicycles for the masses.
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  5. Happy Valley

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    Personally, I share some of the same thoughts but I am not at all convinced how universal they are. I just answered this post in another thread:

    Frankly, looking over much of the online info and forums I'm led to coclude it's pretty much a minority position, as far as smaller engines 33cc and under that only do 20 mph. The 'low cost' part is right but I see folks wanting bigger and bigger engines all the time with top speed being the most sought bit of performance.

    As to the "masses", I've had people tell me flat out no way do they want to resemble some street scene from Calcutta or Bangkok on a little bike. I think it's really a very, very small percentage of people who have any real lasting interest in this and then divide the percentage interested in power assist bikes between those who would choose electric over ICE powered bikes. The non-motorized bicycle, outdoor activity and exercise world dwarfs the MAB crowd. Internal combustion MABs might, maybe equal 1% of the folks who ride bicycles and much or most of the sentiment by bicyclists is dead set against adding a smoky or noisy engine.
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  6. Ghost0

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    That is very sad to hear. Terry is a good guy and a great supporter of our sport/hobby.
  7. Mike St

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    HV, there is something in what you say. I had college student tell me he likes the idea of a motorized bicycle only if he can also used it as a bicycle. The thought of using pedals is attractive to many people because it provides exercise. So to widen this market the concept has to be a motorized bicycle. I believe folks like us who build more powerful machines will always be in the minority. The day will come when low powered motorized bicycles will be sold complete, not as kits, with 4 stroke engines, and then the sport will take off with big retailers joining in. I think one big secret is to find a way to quiet all these motors, including 4 strokes.
  8. Happy Valley

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    Interesting what you say Mike, and don't get me wrong, personanlly I don't include myself as someone interested in MABs over 50cc, in fact most of mine are 2/3 of that. I guess I was referring to was what I see online and the forums, however skewed that may or may not be in terms of context of a larger demographic. I agree about the noise iisue also and for that and other notions, however misguided or not, the public perceives as being 'green' I think electric vehicles (bikes) will win favor in any expansion of the market.
  9. Mike St

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    I also think electrics are appealing except for one feature; they are unusually expensive. The cost of battery packs is off the charts. If battery technology improves and the price comes down, electrics will likely win the day, but this may not happen for several years.
  10. wheelbender6

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    Sorry BBY called it quits. They offered some unique things.