boardtracker progress

Made some progress today on the boardtracker.Next step will be finding a seat flipping the handle bars and building a tank.Then it will be ready to put a motor in it.Haven'y found one small enough to fit in the frame triangle yet.


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your clothes will be clean and travelling at speeds of up to 40 mph!
That's a great idea! I look forward to seeing the progress.

I love the old engines. I am also a member at a board that deals with antique engines and old Maytags are very popular.

I would love to do a build that uses a twin cylinder model 72.


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Cool Idea. I live 7 miles from brooks oregon. They do a stead up every year thats allot of fun to go to.
You are a brave man putting a motor on that thing. Will look cool when it is done though.
Thanks for the ride at the rally. I too can now say I rode a Whizzer.
LOL yea I'm going to take it all apart and paint clean and repack everything after it's all moked up.
nice project you got going on there

couldn't help but notice your bicycle stand also - makes it so good while working !!!
I sure do wish I had my old stand back !!!

would like to find one -- kind of like you have there..

Ride That Thing mountainman