Boost bottle kinda actually works LOL!!

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  1. P3rC!_d@_g0o$e

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    Hi guyz

    Well today i have tapped and installed my boost bottle and it seems to work well with a expansion chamber. It seems to smooth out the rpm range and trys to smooth out the higher revs to gain a higher speed. Well thats what i thought from comparing two test rides 10 minutes apart. I have jst one problem i think some of the petrol is creepin up the boost bottle tube, i dno if thats supposedto happen.


  2. srdavo

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    yup....that's how it's sposed to work.....goes into the bottle, instead of puking it back out of your air filter
  3. thats also why its recommended that you mount it so the bottle points downward to allow it to drain back out and not just collect.
  4. P3rC!_d@_g0o$e

    P3rC!_d@_g0o$e New Member

    Um kinda doesnt work wit another bike lol?

    Well i have put the same bottle on my other bike which seemed to run better whitout it. I was wondering how to make the bike have better performance with the boost bottle, and how to tune the carburettor.

  5. Skyliner70cc

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    I saw an increase in idle RPM with my boost bottle but no improvement in accleration or top speed. I'm glad to see it works for you.
  6. blime81

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    Sounds like you may have a vacuum leak. With the motor running try spraying a bit of starting fluid around your manifold and where you drilled and tapped the bottle opening etc. If the idle changes thats where your leak is.
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