Boost Problems, someone help :(

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  1. Ashley1234

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    I just put on my boost bottle and i used to ride comfortably around 30km/h with minimal vibration, my top speed was about 36km/h. now that the boost bottle is on, theres lots of vibration around 27km/h and top speed is 32. i thought it was supposed to do the opposite of this. someone help please?

  2. Ashley1234

    Ashley1234 New Member

    if anyone has any other info or had similar problems, i'd like to know how you fixed it, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. graucho

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    Hi ashley, here are my tests with my boost bottle. I didnt get better results at top speed. It helped mainly at lo end speeds.
    Tests were run using my silver beast. I weigh 212. Runs were shorter because I didnt want to blow the cheap ebay "boy go fast" engine up. Tests were best at low-end. Diminished at hi-end.

    Test 1. Steep hill 22deg. incline. 200 ft from a dead stop.
    ________________________ No boost______With boost bottle
    _________________________16 mph________18 mph

    Test 2. Flat grade no wind. From a dead stop.
    ________________________ No boost______With boost bottle

    ________________50 ft______11 mph_______13 mph

    ________________100ft _____17 mph_______18 mph

    ________________150ft_____ 21 mph_______ 20 mph

    ________________200ft_____24 mph_______ 23 mph

    Test 3. Flat grade no wind
    slowest speed without the
    ________________________ No boost______With boost bottle

    Test 4. Bike at Idle.
    ________________________ No boost______With boost

    Test 5. Flat grade no wind.
    Hydrogen/oxygen Boosted-
    from onboard hydrogen fuel cell
    Injected through the
    boost bottle intake port.
    (Along with the throttled gasoline oil mixed @ 20-1)
    ____________________________ No boost bottle.
    _____________________________200 ft 30 mph wow! 6 mph faster than above. Hydrogen/oxygen supercharged the fuel.
    Backed-off before I blew her up.

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  4. zetti_the_man

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    i'd stick a cork in it. leave the boost! all you need is alil Nitro fuel in the mix..
    hit up your local RC store for nitro car n truck fuel. what i have is called Blue Thunder.
    dont use too much it'll cause your engine to over lean.
    at high temps the nitro will turn into a lube. just a shooter full in each tank. shake the tank to mix each ride. be carefull. hit me up tell me how it goes. L8a
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  5. You may be getting an air leak somewhere. Check all your fittings. Maybe take a pic so we can see how you have it. Did you O ring your carb?
  6. pilotpeat

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    I second Large's opionion. I would make sure that you have a good gasket between the intake pipe and the engine and put some kind of clamp or zipties on the barbed fittings for the boost bottle. The gasket that came in my kit was junk-just thin paper. I made a new one out of grey gasket material and gave it a light coat of RTV on both sides when stuck it on.

    sounds like a vacume leack to me, check the hose, intake the nipple, and the bottle its self. btw if the bottle is aluminum aluminu*** ( cannit spell) is porus, if there is no liner/selant in the bottle it may suck air through the bottle.
    just ask any old school hotrodder with vitage alum wheels. seen it myself.
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    Nitro doesn't turn into lube. Adding any fuel that requires a richer mixture to obtain the correct stoichioometric ratios will cause it to run leaner. Too lean and your engine is toast. A boost bottle has been shown to work in other 2 strokes. Our HT engines are the exception because they are already tuned for maximum extreme peak performance and have little else left to offer.
  9. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    the nitro i have does turn into a Lubricant. at higher tempratures it prevents overlean or something like that. it's an addidtive in the nitro i have. i can quote the bottle if you like..

    when i run too much nitro and it over heats it'll burn and not stop even if i hold the kill switch. only if i cut the air it'll stop. so i dont put too much in. cus it'll get hot.
  10. Skyliner70cc

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    Nitro does not equal model engine fuel. Model engine fuel is methanol, synthetic oil, castor oil, and nitromethane. Castor oil is the only ingredient in nitromethanol fuel that turns into a dry lubricant when the engine is overheated.

    Most model engines, particularly the ABC engines with interference fit pistons (no rings on these puppies) are hard to destroy from overheating. As the engine gets hotter, the taper in the cylinder disappears (cylinder expands) meaning less compression, less power, less friction, less risk of seizure.

    Overlean is based on mixture setting not on lubricant qualities. Don't mindlessly repeat what's on a label without fully understanding what it means especially when you are recommending something that can destroy someone elses engine very easily.
  11. zetti_the_man

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    ya kno what. i dont care... i love my blue juice..
    sience = boring..
    blue nitro stuff = fast
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  12. First off every body chill, second methonal bill wipe oil off the cylender walls. Third caster oil is a messy oil the residue will foul your plugs an creat a smoke cloud behind you ,
    Nitro fule is designed for a engine with an extream compresion ratio. that does not use spark plugs it works in a simaler fasion to a deisel. caster oil will have no effect on theis.
    If youare looking for cheap power, try nitrus, you will need to due some tuning. but it may suprise you. with use in moderation. Other wise you will be removing parts of your engine from your bodie.:smile:
  13. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Your mastery of the subject/level of knowledge is only surpassed by your grammar and spelling.

    Nitro fuel: what are you talking about? nitromethanol, nitromethane, model fuel? It isn't made for extreme (correct spelling) compression ratio. Model airplane engines aren't diesel engines. The nitromethanol fuel/air mixture is ignited by a catalytic reaction between the methanol and the platinum glow plug. An auto diesel engine ignites the air/fuel mixture by high compression ratio (about 19:1). I have had model engines start without a glow driver. It doesn't happen often but it can which is how I almost lost my thumb. The glow driver is used primarly to increase the reaction speed for starts. A modern diesel (auto/truck) engine can start without a glow plug in pretty low temps. The glow plug just makes it easier to start.

    Castor burns fairly clean if it is first press and degummed. In small amounts castor won't foul a plug in a spark engine. It is used in glow engines because it provides superior protection in small amounts. It is the "secret" ingredient in what you call nitro that lubricates better (not entirely true) at higher temps.
  14. Sky I bow to your knologe at the moment. I regret to admit I am not all knowing. but very courous, I will reserch what you have said. The fact remains that it is not a good idea to run that stuf in ht motors.
  15. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    that's right get on your nees
  16. BigDaddyT

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    Yeah but the only thing that matters is, do Top Fuel dragsters use spark plugs? :p
    The real diesels use grid heaters anyways. No heat source inside the cylinder aside from the heat generated from compressing the pre warmed air. Glow plugs are for sissies.
  17. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    so who's got a deisil engine?
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  18. zetti the point is yiou are destroying your engine. I dont know about you but Im not made of money
  19. zetti_the_man

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    yea i'll be perdy sad when the thing breaks.. i dont wanna havto get a new engine. all these new ones seem to suck. i'm guessing i have a rare engine it's a Tiger Engine, "grade A twostroke", cant find any websites or evidence of that company. when it does brake i'll tell yall how it happnd or what i did. i do value my bikes.