bought another PROJECT bike + pics

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  1. This week I went to see a bike that was bought from a police impound lot.
    The owner wanted $150 online but we agreed at $100. The bike itself is a trek 920 . The owner was not there when I went to look at it. His baby sitter was. The bike was a total wreck. None of the shifters work. The clutch is an old sturey archer brake cable. There is no kickstand . the gas tank was from a mower and held on with a bungee cord. The idler is a mower metal pulley. There was rust and grease all over it. The brake pads were falling off. The throttle did not move. I am sure there was more , but i'll remember later.
    I told the girl that I would pay no more than $80 and handed her 4 20's . The owner never called to ask about the other $20 so I guess he told her to take whatever he could get. I tossed it in my trunk and went home.
    The owner had said that he rode it around the block a couple times , but I know that was impossible. So he lied.The fuel line was split as well as the filter. The throttle was jammed wide open. I sprayed the carb with starting fluid and took off. The motor roared to life at full throttle. At least I knew it would run.
    I pulled the throttle cable out of the carb and lubed it as best i could. I had some copper and hose for a new gas line. The gas tank was old red color. That got a flat paint job today.
    Almost every nut , bolt , and screw was loose including the head. I found out this morning on my first test ride as the bike steamed a bit. The carb still like to jam open and would not come back down to idle.
    I used 320 grit on the slide rod and polishing compound on the slide itself. Better but not right yet.
    The bike got a severe cleaning and rust removal today. I can not get the old seat post out. I beat on the old one for an hour and finally gave up. The old junk blue seat was swapped for a nice one I had lying around. The post fits inside the old one.
    Lots of time was spent with the welded gas tank bracket and I finally gave up and used jumbo tie wraps.
    The bike will run and ride now. I'll see how bad the carb idle is tomorrow.
    Here are a couple after pics.
    By double1trouble1 at 2011-10-07
    By double1trouble1 at 2011-10-07

    Any tips on why the carb will not come back down to idle very quickly would be appreciated. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the bike , just because i took a pile of junk and made it work.
    Just missed out on an old schwinn cruiser today too. That would have been a good $30 solution.

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    Check the slide may be slightly bent.
    This could keep the carb from returning to idle.
    also make sure there's a spring on top of the slide (i know, but i had to mention it).
  3. found some of the problem- fixed a lot

    The bike came to me without a choke cover. The slide was jammed when I bought the bike. That is why it did not run. The slide itself has scratches on it, especially the edges. I sanded the rough spots with some 320 wet paper. I also lubed it with tri-flow. It is better but not perfect. The idle will come down now , but sometimes its kinda slow. I probably need a new throttle or at least a slide + a cable assembly. Anybody?
    I did get it running pretty well and went on a 3 mile ride. I bought a bike at a garage sale for $2 today. I was able to use both shifters and the kickstand as well as some other parts.
    I also bought a box lot that had some stainless strap and some 1.25"x 1/4" grade 5 bolts . I made 2 new tank straps. It looks cool with the old red briggs tank painted flat black with stainless straps. I also got a roll of rubber at the same sale.. I made engine vibration mounts. The guy was an elevator repairman and split from the wife. She was selling all his stuff. I made $60 profit selling his wire scrap plus I have tons of stuff here. Lucky I guess.
    My now $82 bike is probably worth 2 bills.
    My first bike I have $130 into is worth about 3.
    I spend a lot of time on them ,but I love it. I can't wait to fix other peoples junk into something useful.
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