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Hi all,

I'm working on outfitting my Mongoose Tyax Comp with a 40cc GEBE setup. As a result of the GEBE mounts and new rear wheel, I'm swapping out the rear disc brakes for linear pull brakes. When I went to install the new linear pull brakes, I realized that I'm missing a piece of the puzzle: brake studs (brake "boss" maybe?).

Basically, instead of having a cylindrical shaft sticking out from the bike frame, onto which the linear pull brake arm slides, with inside threads for the brake arm attachment bolt to screw into, I have a big (maybe 10mm?) hole in the frame with threads on the inside. It's my understanding that I need something called "brake studs" that screw into this hole and provide the cylindrical form about which the linear pull brake arm rotates.

Has anyone had this problem before? Where should I go to look for brake studs? All the local bike shops in the area either don't know what I'm talking about or don't carry brake studs. Any suggestions?

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Nova Cycle Supplies has 8mm brake studs see link But some frames the threading is 10mm ? Bringheli is a company in your neck of the woods that might have what you need as well. Though I couldn't actually find brake studs listed on their site I'm reasonably sure they must have them available. It might be worth a call too them to find out.

Also any bike shop that orders from Quality Bicycle Parts Catalog (which is just about every bike shop in the country) should be able to get you a set of cantilever brake studs with the proper threading.

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Thanks, Ocscully! I figured that bike shops should be able to get these things somehow. I'll try calling them up and specifically asking them to order some, not just if they have them in stock. Is there a standard threading for these things? I'll prolly just need to go get an assortment of metric bolts and just see which one works.
10mm brake posts/studs Here is a link to 10mm threaded brake posts/studs The Supplier is Quality Bicycle Products So as I said above any shop should be able to special order them for you. Quality Bicycle Products is one of the best Wholesale suppliers in the Bike business here in the US and just about every shop in the country orders parts from them