BRAND NEW GEBE 78mm system for sale!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by pmarkwell, Aug 13, 2008.

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    I have a BRAND NEW Golden Eagle drive system for sale that has never been used. It was shipped to me and arrived less than two weeks ago, but since then I have decided to go with Staton's gear system instead to run my Honda GXH50.

    Golden Eagle is still not taking orders currently, and when they do (hopefully by the end of August) it will take up to 6 weeks to ship.

    I got it for $350 including shipping and I would be willing to do the same. Honestly, I would rather keep it around for a future project than lose money (minus the shipping I'll pay) to sell it at a lower cost.


    You can check out their website here:

    Please let me know if you're interested.


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    you're killin' me man !!

    you couldn't wait till mines gone or what ? (JK)

    sooooo, which Staton setup did you go with and what kind of wait do you have for it to come in ?

    be sure to put up a thread on your assembly process and share the "interesting" bits for the rest of us.

    my stuff is coming USPS with delivery confirmation to the sender so i'll probably have to go down to the PO and get it.

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    Decisions, decisions

    Hey Steve,

    It's finally on its way after ordering the engine, adapter, and clutch a couple of weeks ago. It should arrive in two days or so. Turns out they were waiting for the clutch springs for the Honda GXH50 clutch.

    I finally heard from them two days ago and they upsold me on the entire kit. I believe it's this one here: ( After paying for an adapter and clutch, the staton runs about the same price as the GEBE.

    Of course, one reason I went with the GXH50 is I thought after reading your thread that the GP460 was too much for the GEBE system...

    I'll be sure to post a thread, though I don't think it will be quite as elaborate as yours. Everything supposed to pretty well fit together. I also bought their 12g spoke wheel. I dunno, maybe I'll decide to buy the GP460 too and run two bikes. At this rate I'm going to end up with $2k worth of stuff in my garage and won't know which parts to use for what!

    What did you decide for your setup? I can't wait to see your as well!

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    i have a Staton gear/chain inside drive and wheel on the way.

    i purposely went that way to get the engine inboard toward the centerline more for stability.

    it's also going to be important when i transplant it to my next bike. i'm going to be using a Rans Fusion with a "windwrap/ werx" fairing and "" fabric streamlining.

    when you look at the Fusion ( ) ,imagine a custom triangular alum. fuel cell filling the whole frame leg "V" behind the seat post, in front of the rear wheel.

    i'm not messing around anymore, i LOVE this MB thing and am building super performance and dependability into this next bike. if it works as i expect i may go to a frame mounted "Franco Kick B*tt" 9.8HP air cooled 2 stroke italian moped motor in place of the fuel cell and rack mount the fuel

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    Interesting. That seems like a truely unique way to go. I like it.

    So that Fusion is a hybrid recumbant/upright? Why not go full recumbant for more back support? Or if you wanna be cool like me you can get a chopper fork and sissy bar on a beach cruiser frame ;)

    Do you have any links for that engine your talking about? Sounds totally wicked! Hey, don't forget aabout that NOS setup. LOL. :grin:
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    go over to the other forum and look up threads by "Easy Rider" he has a bike with the 5=HP engine.

    just put "franco kick butt engine" into google it'll take you straight to the NA importer.

    the fusion has just enough ride height to be readily visible on the road, i don't think i'd be comfortable in full recum.

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    PM sent!