brand new spark plug wont spark?

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    well i cant see why but i just bought a brand new 3.99 spark plug for my 52cc goped motor but it wont spark! but another old one from the weed eater will, attached is the pictures of the spark plugs, its the one on the left thats the brand new one that wont spark and the one on the right is the one from the weed eater that sparks wonderfully, the second picture named sparkplug2.jpg.gif is the original one that came with my motor. the guy at the hardware store said the spark plug would work better that the one it came with it, ive also tried it on two identical spark plugs of the same type, is it that its the wrong spark plug???

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  2. Esteban

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    Sad to say, but Champion plugs have had serious problems over the years. I don't know of any small engine shop that uses them !
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    champion spark plugs are the WORST plugs out there.
    I bought one set of champion spark plugs in my life for a v-8, and i will never buy another one again.
    out of a brand new set of 8 champion plugs, only 5 of them were good.
    your best bet is to go with an ngk spark plug.

    but besides that, i notice that you still have the screw on cap on top of the champion plug.
    IF you are running the stock spark plug wire and boot, the plug will not make contact inside the spark plug boot with the screw on cap still on it. (that is if you're spark plug wire is like the one on the happy time 2 strokes)
    The cap on this plug may not be removeable tho.
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    It's funny Champion Spark plugs have never given me any trouble whatsoever. NGK on the other hand i have never had any luck with. The only other plug i've ever used was Bosch. Also every once in a while, i've had a dead plug straight out of the box. It didn't matter what brand it was. Usually due to a manufacturing defect. The companies always came good and replaced them though.
  5. masterx1234

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    im unable to remove the cap from the champion spark plug, well i guess ill just use the weed eater spark plug temporarily, but i still have to wait for my new carburetor to get here
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    I have worked on vehicles/engines for over 50 years , & it was hard for me to admit that Champion plugs were poor quality. BUT,,,, I will never buy another one. I have known guys who replaced their plugs in their V-8 engines with Champions, [ yes, correct plug # ] & could not get the car started afterwards !! Re-install the old plugs & it started right up. Some newer engines may take most of the day to put in a set of new plugs. I am NOT going to do it twice !!
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    I had my problem with champion plugs about 25 years ago when i built my first engine. My dad is a mechanic and when he found out that i bought champion plugs for it, he had a fit. i started the engine to break in the cam and it would only run on 5 was a brand new fresh hi-performance re-build and it was a 400 small block chevy. he made me take the champion plugs out and put in a set of A/C plugs. I have never bought a champion spark plug since, and i will never buy another one...not even for a lawnmower.
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    Look at the very top of the cap. If you can't see a center piece that is separate from what at times is a screw can't without destroying the plug.
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    I almost posted this in another thread when a guy was asking for a short Champion plug.

    Champion plugs are the worst plugs ever made. They have plenty of factory defects and they have zero tolerance to fouling. I've known this for years. Since the first time I put them in my fine running 1971 Datsun 510 and it wouldn't start to the time I got stranded on Puget Sound as one by one a 4 banger lost cylinders when the Champion plugs died.

    Friends don't let friends use Champion. Get an NGK.
  10. Al.Fisherman

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    Due to the reasons given is why my LAST Champion was in ummmmmmm 1975 Had a Suzuki 250 and it wouldn't run much more then a few hours.
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    To anyone out there who cares, guess who makes the spark plugs for Harley-Davidson?
    Yup......Champion. Complete with the nifty bar and shield logo on the side of the porcelain insulator.
    Yet another reason why they (Harleys) have troubles. :D