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    I've just received an e-mail that was sent out by Joe Lin, the manufacturer of Whizzer motorbikes in Taiwan. In it, he states that Whizzer Industry Co. Ltd is terminating all business with Whizzer USA. He goes on to state that he will be offering warranty service through Whizzer Industry Co Ltd in Taiwan.
    Wow, that's a mind blower...
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  2. machiasmort

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    Any idea why? Did the letter mention the "BONE" of contention?

    I kill myself at times LOL!

    I wonder if our Federal DOT had anything to do with it? These yuppie States like NY and CA are ruining it for all of us.
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    Shipping costs in containers is in a real chaotic situation right now, when things are slow all the boats are anchored off China, when things are backed up, they sit waiting to off-load near Long Beach.

    That transit time I've read has aggravated the already tight credit situation, 90-120-150 day terms-of-payments, having a chunk of it taken up in the shipping container, make for such a radical business change.

    It really sounds like they are pulling back out of the US market, since there is already a distribution system over here.

    Asian appliance manufacturers, items similarly priced, have pulled back too, due to currency fluctuations in the transit time and emerging markets closer to the plants, like India and the Middle East.
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    How can you compare California to New York. you must have poor reading comprehension. Under California law. motor must not produce more than 2 hp, helmet required, side & rear reflectors, Liability insurance, front & rear lighting, brake light, horn, mirror, everything a motorcycle is required to have. The New York law is a lot simpler, the only tough part is that they do not allow (homemade bikes) manufacturers have to be on the approved list. NO horsepower limitations, no horn, no mirror, no helmet, no insurance, no brake light. Maybe you just shoot from the hip, because there really is no comparing the two states, California has the most stringent emission laws in the country. So before you write this baseless dribble you should first read up on the current laws.
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    What's really gonna ruin it for us is the guy that buys a engine kit puts it on a ordinary bike with 14 gauge spokes and ride it as fast as it will go. The police will take notice and the speed related accidents will cause the laws to become more restrictive. In Arizona this is occurring right now.with police ticketing MB's for speeding and a host of other traffic violations.
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    Compare?, Easily! They both have huge Governments that make senseless laws in order to screw the people who work and pay taxes in them. These bigger Governments come with bigger crybabies. I could create a car from the dust of the ground or worse a motorcycle. If it falls within their criteria here in NY, I'm legal. Don't mean it's safe tho! Both States are notorious for picking the biggest idiot in the crowd and making the rest of the population conform to that idiot. It's a trend that has been sweeping the Nation and it's whittling away at our freedoms, not just how we choose to get to work. Moreover, these conformance laws are being created under the smokescreen of public safety while they rake in the cash. Both State's have their way of making HT's illegal. Basically all you have to do is look at how their law makes it illegal and follow the special interest money. I bet one American a day wakes up and stretches, only to become paralyzed. They don't ban stretching tho! If your smart enough to put a motor on a 10 speed, than you are smart enough to know the risks. It shouldn't be up to either State to say what you can or can't do unless your hazard to the public.

    By the barrage of insults it sounds like you want to argue. I won't do it here, start a new thread...

    Thanks for the reason behind the whole whizzer deal. Maybe somebody will pick up the business here in the States. As aforementioned by FM, NY State has an approved manufactures list that you have to be on in order to market your product. Problem is they wont tell you the criteria to meet or who you have to make the check out to!
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    What is the status of Whizzer USA ? Out of business or what?
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    Long Beach is now the worlds largest parking lot.
    They ran out of room for the new cars and had to lease another site to store the new cars that arent selling...
    Don't let anybody tell you it's only the American cars that arent selling.
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    Hello KilroyCD,

    Thanks for that link, I wonder If I'll be
    able to buy a new Whizzer by the time
    I save up enough cash?

  10. Public retraction

    It has been brought to my attention that I sometimes am a bit overcritical of vendors & manufacturors that supply my bad habit of building MBs.

    Sooo. a correction is in order. Whizzer makes the VERY BEST CENTERSTAND available & always has. I bought & installed one on Screecher. They also make a bullet proof pedal/crank, nice cables, & most importantly, the last American flathead. Moving forward, they have a reasonably adaquate / descriptive web site for replacement parts. Far superior to most, given their long tenure. I have used their pics for descriptive purposes several times. Whizzer-USA must have to carry a huge inventory of stuff that we all will be dependant on. So I'll try to be nice. (OK I said I'd Try) Old habits. I placed an order yesterday, and am happy to be able to get the small parts that I need. Thank You.

    The rest of the here today gone tomorrow vendors are somewhat of a benefit too. I mean where else do you buy $60 dollar Mitsubishi 43s except from a vendor out of bus/inventory must go sale? It's great to see your new innovative ideas. Who else would think of promoting this mad impulse. I still will be me, but I want you to still be there too. Sorry about calling you names in public. I do business with the more reliable suppliers even at a premium cost.
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    don't think so -- Calif seems to be one of the best

    regarding #1 above -- true

    #2 above -- NOT TRUE

    #3 above -- probably so
    but the engines that do get in legally -- are pretty good ones

    #4 above -- we can build our own -- a big plus

    ride that THING
  12. You Bet-Chum Mountain Rider

    Although our weather here is a bit better than NY - increasing our riding season to... well you know YEAR ROUND!! I can see where others may want to put our Golden State down. We are a target for wanna -- bees. I have never been harrassed by the so called MB police. They have more important things to look into. Such as Jay-Walkers crossing the double yellow after dark... Get those poor East Coasters a bus ticket home before they cry themselves a river & erode our firelines.
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    why is this a mind blower.... when the other whizzer stuff got whisked away to private forums??

    just asking?

    I don't expect an answer.

    Others might. :devilish:
  14. Hal the Elder

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    I am a California resident, and a licensed driver since 1952.

    The Whizzer is a Motorized Bicycle, according to the California Vehicle Code.

    As such, it is not required to be Registered.

    It is not required to be Licensed.

    It is not required to be Insured.

    It can be ridden on Bike Lanes, unless otherwise posted.

    It requires only an Identity Plate, which costs a one-time fee of $18, and never needs to be renewed annually.

  15. CA Law, thru the murky din:

    Hello again to this topic, shall we never get the pointers aimed in the right direction?

    CA law REQUIRES, tho may not be able to provide for the rider in some cases, an M2 or better license in the pocket of the Helmeted rider, yes Helmeted in a true DOT device.

    Well happily you guys are getting more and more of the pieces right as time goes on. The DMV website, under Livery, and Special licenses, category Moped will help aim all ca riders in the right direction, AND it is completely true that most officers are not familiar with this section of law, because we represent such a minuscule part of their duties.

    Ride Straight! Helmeted, licensed, plated, but NOT insured!

  16. srdavo

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    This Topic?

    This Topic!!!!!

    this topic is/was about Whizzer......not legalities...that's a whole nother forum.

    anybody care to comment about the 'rumors' of Whizzer usa being for sale?

  17. whizzer and rumors

    Hi Dave, if you PM me, I can answer anything you may wish to know by email,

  18. Hal the Elder

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    Not required to be Registered either.

    No annual license...only a lifetime ID plate.

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