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    I am going for a vintage-military look with my MB, so I am trying to find authentic looking markings, and look what I found-- The Royal Enfield Flying Flea

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    Very cool! I wonder how many are still out there?
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    probably not a lot... it seems they were designed to be kinda disposable... more so than something like a truck or even a full-sized motorcycle. The article said that they made them so small so they could drop them out of airplanes (within a cage-thing and maybe a parachute...)
  5. Very similar to the BSA bantam , maybe smaller still.
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    thats too cool
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    they made the flying flea for quite a few years after the war and changed it over the years.a few around i nearly brought one but didn't as i was in the middle of buying a house.did have the remains of one years ago did nothing with it.
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    hey red, how are you getting a link to show up in your post, when ever i try i just get the url tags and a non working link.
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    you have to have a certain number of minimum posts here in the forum... it might be twenty, maybe only fifteen... it's an anti-spam measure. Once you've been a member for a little bit longer, your links will work