Building a new E-cumbent

I got it running! Holy cow, this thing rocks! It pulls really hard. According to my data logger, it pulled 3000 watts accellerating me to 30 mph and drew 500 watts to sustain that speed. Not the greatest efficiency for cruising. But, it is adequate. I think the issue is lugging that much motor around while using so little of its available power.

Anyway, it pulls me (190 pounds) up to 30 mph in under 5 seconds. And that is me being very cautious with the throttle. If I give it any more, the primary belt skips.

Oh, the motor runs nice and cool too.

I will post more on the web site soon.

Boy, the police are out in force today! I have seen one with someone pulled over every mile or so of my rides today. One radared me as I ripped by (speed trap). I must not have been riding too fast because he didn't pull out. But, I know I was way over the 25 mph speed limit.

Just for kicks I stopped and talked to him on my way back. He looked at the bike and didn't notice the electric components and I was not about to point them out to him. E-bikes are legal in Illinois (20mph speed limit). But, I am not sure if we have any local ordinances against it.

Better safe than sorry.

Anyway, all is well. The bike runs stronger with every charge. The cells are really waking up!

Ya' gotta get a speedo on there so you can give us speed and distance data.
We are taking some video tonight weather permitting (storms are all around us).

Check out the web site and see the updates. We should have video up on a day or so.

I shall call you Sensei - master of the EV. I've seen your address popping up in alot of forums. Excellent stuff::)
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