Brakes Bulldog U-brakes with 2 brakes on one handle.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by bughuggger, Jul 4, 2009.

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    Tried this combo, also with those shiny tire rims on the Huffy beach cruiser. The bulldog U-brakes attach at the same place as the fenders. Had to modify the one on the front. Extended the length of the bolt by tapping a steel plug then putting another bolt on the other end. Tough time adjusting these things. They just wont grab. I put them both on the right handle using the throttle handle with two brakes on one handle. This thing hasn't got much motion on the handle, so I oiled the tubes perfectly. and spent at least five hours so far trying to get it to grab. At best its a drag brake when I've got it perfect. It just wont be good enough to skid my tires, which I consider the essential brake test. Wondering if I'm just a dunce and there's a simple answer to this.


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    Try using V-Brakes aka direct pull. These are FAR superior.
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    I already know about the superiority of v-brakes, but the point is there are two nubs on the forks to mount them, except on a beach cruiser bike. After all this putty, I might break down and get a mountain bike after all. It's just that the beach cruiser bike looks pretty good. I've never been cool before. Now I was just a little cool, and it looks like I'm on my way to becoming a laughing stock. The bulldog brakes look good from an artistic standpoint. The chrome ones, I mean. Now I'm wondering if these springer forks aren't an overkill.
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    Well, if you want to stick with that cruiser - buy a fork that will mount a disc brake. Try to find a vintage looking one if that's what the kind of "cool" you're talking about.

    IMO everyone is cool, it's just that some people are too arrogant to realize and/or take the time for it.

    Also try adjusting up at the handle bars, it looks like a little screw (that the cable goes into), bring it out as far as it will go, and maybe the brakes will start to grab
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    Shiny steel wheels

    Steel wheels and rim brakes will never stop like the same brakes on aluminum wheels. When steel rims get the least bit wet you have almost no braking power with rim brakes.
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    My calipers work fine on my cruiser frame. V brakes or disks are great, but not essential.