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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rockjaw, Jul 16, 2014.

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    hey all..i need advice..just put a 66cc kit on a huffy and the sprocket is fine on the wheel ..its a maniac sprocket...the wheel spins without the chain...when i hook the chain to the wheel sprocket..it has a hard time turning the wheel..the drive gear seeems like its locking up so its not turning the wheel..it turns a little bit but the wheel drags,...sounds like a bunk motor .

    Any advice?


  2. crassius

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    take out the spark plug & open the drive sprocket cover

    turn the wheel and watch the chain run

    most likely, it is trying to 'ride up' on the drive sprocket which happens when the chain rollers are a bit too fat to go over the flat tops of the sprocket teeth


    if you keep the chain really tight and moving slowly for a while, the chain will stretch a bit allowing you to set proper tension once it fits better

    otherwise, you can grind off the corners on each tooth to make them more pointy on top so the chain fits better
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    ok trying that now thanks!