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  1. cspaur13

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    any1 know the engine specs for it like rpm limits and stuff like that.
    and is it junk.
    any help will be apreciated.

  2. Yep, get a big bore head kit (one on daves motors for $20 now)
    and new reeds and it will be great.

    10-12k rpms average, should last awhile.
    Lots of very inexpenive aftermarket parts availale now.
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    i was gonna go with the one with the big bore kit already done. its a 51cc now. $99 with $10 shipping
    thanks for the tip.
    are all the reeds they sell the same or are some made from different materials.
    yea i like the rpm range. mabey i wont blow the motor as quickly. hopefully this time i dont drive it like its a ferrai.
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    wait for the reeds i read they come with like an aluminum 1 and it says they eventually dont close so i saw they make fiberglass and carbon fiber 1s that are high performance. which is better