can it be done?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Peugeot/citroen boy, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Peugeot/citroen boy

    Peugeot/citroen boy New Member

    is it possible or has any one mounted a polini 50cc engine to a biycle?

    I have recently accuired a polini gp5 engine withbore of 36 mm and a stroke of 39,2 mm.Crankcase and cylinder are in light- alloy.

    It has direct reed valve admission in the crankcase.
    The power is of about 14hp.

    The engine is equipped with a PHBG 15 "Dell'Orto" carburettor. .

    Im not really sure how i would mount it yet. I will probably have to buy a welder to make up some mounts?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  2. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    It can and has been done. A member named Easy Rider has done 2 bikes with those engines. Send him a PM for details.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    yes -- polini motor thing as seen on a bicycle

    once I had seen that thing -- the dream began

    a sweet engine -- have fun as you ride that thing
  4. Peugeot/citroen boy

    Peugeot/citroen boy New Member

    Thanks guys for your positive replies. Thats exactly what i needed to hear.

    i am so excited about this now after seeing Easy riders video of his italian 50cc goin up a hill lol

    the only problem is the motor i want to use is twice as powerfull and water cooled .