Carb Idle Screw, Cheap Replacement?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by JohnnyLoves, May 26, 2008.

  1. JohnnyLoves

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    I know this sounds rediculous but I just can't afford to spend 7 dollars on what seems like an ordinary screw, when added to shipping its 16 dollars : /

    Unfortunatly I may have stuck Duane in the nerve when I asked him why it was so expensive (my appolgies), but on to the real matter at hand...

    Is there a way to cheapily replace this screw with a different one and still get the same performance? It looks like an ordinary screw with a tension spring to keep the threads tight and minimize the vibrations on the screw.

    Could I be missing something, perhaps? I have a screw in the carb right now, however it just doesnt seem to be doing the job its supposed to despite being the same size and diameter.


  2. eljefino

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    It's gotta be pointy at the end; that 45 degree angle acts as a cam so the deeper it goes the higher the little throttle cylinder sits.

    How you have it, it's probably sitting pretty high and idling pretty fast. Loosen the screw a touch and suddenly it's stalling.

    You may be able to grind your ordinary screw and get it to work.
  3. datz510

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    If you have access to a bench grinder, you could grind the end of the screw at 45 degree angle so its cone shaped on the end. This would do the same thing as the original screw and wouldnt cost you anything.

    Use some vice grips or heavy pliers to hold the screw while grinding on it. If you need to, use a sharp metal file to clean up the threads when you are done.
  4. stude13

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    you could go to a tool rental and talk to the mechanic or a lawn mower guy or a motorcycle or sno machine shop. it should cost a couple of bucks, ride your bike there if you can
  5. fetor56

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    Make your own with an angle grinder and an appropriate spring....u know how it should look when finished so just copy.
    With that $7 it could be worse....they could call it a computer carby idle screw and charge $14 ;)
  6. datz510

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    Or it could be called an idle sensor screw and they might charge $100 for it.
  7. techboss

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    I lost my idle screw while adjusting it for idle, so I had to pick some up at Home Depot. Installed it ok, then lost it again as it was loose. Get yourself one of those steel fishing lines (steel lead) and make that hold the screw and hold it to the seat post or something. If it comes off, just put it back in. I found some junk screw from my tool box and works well - Pointy and had the 45 degree angle. If you want a picture of this I can have it tomorrow.
  8. spad4me

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    Use the cable adjuster nut on top of the carb.
    Apply rtv or gum to seal the screw hole in the carb.
    Cost $0.00
  9. jglass

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