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:confused:06/07 Ne5 22mm carb. I'am completely lost on the correct stacking sequence of the manifold parts, Parts I have, aluminum manifold cut to 1/2", thick gskts,thin gskts,restector w/hole opened to match carb and manifold,dark/brn or blk bakalite insulator w/oring grove cut into 1 side and flat on the other and carb w/oring in back flange. I should have enough parts. I need to know the proper order to install them in.Thanks for any help
Bill B
Hi Billspirit, There are several different ways to arrange the spacers. On all of my personal motors I use the original WC-1 intake gaskets and cut the center hole to match the port I.D. First I install the modified WC-1 intake gasket, then the restrictor plate [tan colored], then another WC-1 gasket, then the aluminum manifold, and a thin NE intake gasket, then the carburetor. If you shortened the aluminum manifold it will be necessary to shorten the allen screws that affix to the cylinder so that they don't contact the carburetor. I have seen many that locate the restrictor spacer between the manifold & carburetor, but I have found the carburetor tempature is lower if the spacer is against the cylinder. It isn't necessary to use a gasket between the carburetor and the manifold because of the "O" ring seal in the carburetor, but I always use a thin NE gasket there as an added feature to make sure there aren't any air leaks.

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Bill & Quenton, Thanks for your quick & detailed replys sounds like I'll be riding this weekend. Bill B